Friday, September 16, 2011

I love GLEE

Rewatch GLEE again recently from the beginning. Totally in love with it. The Glee cast are just full of people with amazing talent.

Just want to share some of my most favourite songs in Glee, some of these i think they were even better than the original version.

Endless Love - Mr. Shue & Rachel

Teenage Dream - The Warblers

Forget you - Gwyneth Paltrow & Glee cast

Valerie - Santana

Empire State of Mind - Glee Cast

Don't Stop Believing - Glee Cast

Actually there are much more, but I just share these 6 first, maybe I will come out with a part 2 of this post after finish season 3, wohoo!!! which is coming out 20th september!!!

there is this news that I read somewhere in the web, kurt, rachel and finn will be graduating after season 3, wonder if they will still stay in the series, pleasee stayy~~~ it's just not "GLEE" anymore without any one of them T_T

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eason Chan DUO Concert 2011

So, after the LOUD FESTIVAL 2011, going to another concert again in a consecutive week!! It's the Eason Chan DUO Concert 2011!!!

wohoo~ unlike the previous one, this is not free, i spent 200++ for the ticket.

the concert took place at Stadium Merdeka

while waiting for the concert to start

before the concert started, they kind of covered the stage with a huge black curtain

The concert finally started!! Wow~ the stage was just amazing

1 bad thing, they were pretty strict in not allowing people to take photos using cameras, but not those who took photos with phones, it just make me wanna purchase an iphone more...hehe
that's the reason why not much photos were taken by me T_T

the concert is good, makes me love Eason more, cause of his sense of humor and I just love to listen to him singing.

I said that the concert is good, but not using the word "great". This is because I kind of dissatisfied with the song choice he performed during the concert, he didn't sing most of his popular songs, there were many songs that I am not familiar with. And, he made quite a few mistakes during the concert. But, anyway, overall, I'm still enjoying it :)

A short clip I managed to record :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milk Tea Fever

It seems like there is a milk tea fever going on in KL, there are so many milk tea franchises in the city. And I got the chance to try 3 of them during my recent visits to bukit bintang area.

1. Ochado(茶の道)
Oolong White Peach Tea with Pearl Topping
Pass by the stall when i was visiting Tokyo Street and decided to give it a try.

2. Chatime(日出茶太)
Topseller - Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly
I think this is the most popular stall among the 3 that I have visited as there were always a very long queue in front of the stall (especially at its outlet in the gardens)

3. Share Tea (歇脚亭)
Classic Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea
Eric Tsang(曾志伟) as the spokeperson. Located at the main entrance of Sungei Wang Plaza. What I can say about this shop is that, the workers are really really polite. And sometimes I feel that it is a bit overly polite....haha...somehow it makes me feel a bit awkward. :P

All in all, these 3 milk tea franchises are equally good. There are some differences in the menu, but the price are almost the same. I love all 3 of them, just that I think their normal sugar level are a bit too sweet for me, next time when I buying it, will request my drink to have only 50% of sugar level. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


"Hi, Thank you for subscribing to our e-newsletter.

We are glad to inform you that you have been selected one of the five winners to win two (02) FREE tickets to watch LOUD Festival featuring Jay Chou, Sodagreen, Landy Wen and Cindy Yen taking the stage of Putra Indoor Stadium this 30 July at 8pm."

wohoo~~ i won 2 free tickets to the LOUD FESTIVAL. I didn't even realise that by subscribing to STAR PLANET e-newsletter, i actually stand a chance to win concert tickets. ^^

Out of the 4 performing artists, I'm only interested with Jay Chou and Landy as I'm more familiar with their songs. As for sodagreen, err....i seldom listen to their songs, out of the 7 songs they were performing, I only know 2 of them. Cindy Yen, all I know about her is she has a duet with Jay Chou, that's all.

However, overall, i'm enjoying the concert.

My seating~~ haih~~ but what else can you expect from a pair of free tickets? hehe
We are at the 2nd last row, the good thing is, we are right in the middle. :)

while waiting for the concert to start....

Opening performance by Will Ng (黄威尔)

Sodagreen performing

Landy performing "祝我生日快乐"

My most favourite moment of the night -- the last song performed (屋顶)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tokyo Street @ PAVILLION KL

Have you visited pavillion during the last 3 days? If you haven't, you might want to go there now. Visit level 6, as the Tokyo Street has officially opened!!!

There are red carpets in level 6 that lead you to Tokyo street. Along the way, there are these pinky stuff as decorations, pretty rite?

Here I am, in front of Tokyo Street. :)

I'm a big time japanese food lover, so, what really attracted me in this tokyo street are the japanese food stalls, such as Mochi Sweets, Kindori ice cream, Shimino japanese crepes, Ochado, The Loaf (selling Oyaki).

See the brochure i'm holding? Inside got the tokyo street privilege card, with that, u r entitled for discounts for most of the products sold inside tokyo street, including the food i mentioned before. You can easily obtain the brochure from an information counter just outside Tokyo Street.

inside of Tokyo Street :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

This is supposed to be a continued post of my "Taiwan Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village" post. I had basically delayed this post for like~ 3 months? Oops, sorry for being so lazy~

So, i'm gonna continue from my previous post- . After having a really enjoyable day in the cultural village and a nice rest in 月潭小栈, the next thing to do is to have a boat tour around sun moon lake.

We plan to take the 1st boat of the day, which is at 9am. Thanks to the owner of 月潭小栈 who had prepared a very very nice breakfast for us. As we were staying in 月潭小栈, we bought the boat tour ticket from the owner with a discounted price, which is only NTD150 per person. The normal price would be NTD300 for an adult.

breakfast of the day, yum yum :)

We had a 5 mins walk from the place we stay to the Ita Thao(伊达邵),the place where we would get on our boat.

Our guide is a young and handsome pure Thao (邵族), one of the Taiwan aboriginal tribe. He said that now in whole world, there's only left hundreds of pure Thao, and we are so lucky met 3 of them inside the boat, hehe... His explanation of the attractions are quite nice, as he will always add some jokes in it. But I guess he had been saying the same thing for like forever~ I think he also very "sien" dy, haha~ so his tone is actually really flat.

yeah, finally get on the boat.

It's a cloudy day, that why my photos doesn't look good at all, sorry for that >.< .
See the small building over there, it's called Boathouse (船屋), according to our guide, it's very very expensive to stay there.

see the orange building on top of it? that's Wenwu Temple (文武庙)

They let us down at the Lalu Island(拉鲁岛), which is located in the middle of the lake.

Reached Lalu Island, on our way up to visit Xuan Guang Temple, there's a lot of people meditating

The view of Sun Moon Lake from Xuan Guang Temple. Our guide told us that this place was called Sun Moon Lake because when you view it from top, one side of it is round - looks like a sun and another side has a curve, which looks like a moon.

there's a stone tablet in front of the temple, as you can see, there are 2 sides of it, one is written there Sun Moon Lake, another side is writter Xuan Guang Temple. The thing is, if you wanted to take a photo with "Sun Moon Lake", there is a long long queue, so since nobody wanna take a picture with Xuan Guang Temple, I might as well be the one, it's still proved that I was there, rite? haha

Xuan Guang Temple (玄光寺)

A must-eat if u came to Lalu Island, boiled egg with tea and soy sauce (茶叶蛋), i think we must had been so focus in eating it until forgot to take the picture of the food T_T

Look at the colour of the lake surrounding Lalu Island, so pretty~ ^^

before heading back, didn't forget to take a picture with our boat (怀恩2号). And the name of the company is call Noah's Ark (诺亚方舟), nice name rite?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter's curtain falls

Finally, watched the last "episode" of Harry Potter sequel today. So reluctant to leave the cinema after the movie ended, almost left the cinema in tears.

The 1st time i ever knew about "Harry Potter" is when I was 13. The first movie was amazing, I totally addicted to the whole story after watching it. Since then, I borrowed Harry Potter books from my friend. Started to read from Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone until Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix. Stopped reading after that as I can't find a "supplier" who can borrow me the books and me, myself can't afford to buy a book at that time. (Really need to strengthen my financial planning skill, :P)

It's a very complicated feeling as we witnessed the begin and the end of a "Harry Potter" era. I just hope that the story of Harry Potter will be continued. But I guess, everything will always come to an end. Thanks to J.K. Rowling who wrote this wonderful story. Thanks to Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and pretty Emma Watson for the companion throughout all these years. We had seen the 3 of them on the big screen for 10 years, it feels really sad as there is almost 0 possibility that 3 of them will be on the big screen together ever again.

When we 1st met them

After 10 years. Oops, don't forget about Tom Felton too who was also participated from the 1st to the last movie

ahh~~ and also Neville Longbottom, who really stands out in this last movie.

I hope that all 3 of them will still be successful in their career even after the end of Harry Potter sequel. Wish that they will still remain active in the entertainment industry after this.

I highly recommend everyone to go and watch the ending of Harry Potter sequel. For those who anti Harry Potter, just want to say that this is a really great story, and it's not just about 3 little "magicians" who tried to kill Voldermort.

Again, bye bye and big round of applause for Potter's curtain falls. In the end of my post, instead of the trailer, I would like to share this video~ the Thank you speeches from J.K. Rowling and the Trios

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mountain A-Li (阿里山)

I bet all the chinese had heard this song before, “阿里山的姑娘美如水啊,阿里山的少年壮如山”, and could you believe it, I really went to the Mountain A-Li(阿里山) , wohoo!!!

All I can say that Mountain A-Li is a beautiful place, the scenery there are simply breathtaking, it's definitely a great place and must be visited when you were in Taiwan.

We went to A-li mountain after we visited the Sun Moon Lake. We decided to go to A-li mountain by using the charter service offered by the Xin Shun Li Homestay (新顺利民宿), the place we gonna stay in Mountain A-Li, a room for 4 is TWD1800, quite reasonable. The charter service costs us TWD 3500, it is the lowest rate I can find. Taking public transport, by train or by bus will be cheaper but it is too time consuming.

If you were going to Mountain A-Li by taxi or charter service, ask the driver to use the Road No.21 (21号公路), as the scenery along the way is simply beautiful. On our way there, the driver stopped us at the Mei-Zi Winery(梅子酒庄).

On the way to a-li mountain
look at the scenry, breathtaking :)

It's called the Tree of Husband & Wife (夫妻树)

After 3.5 hours ride, finally, we reach Mountain A-Li. Once we reach, the driver brought us to purchase our ticket to A-li Shan National Sceneric Area (阿里山森林游乐区), it costs TWD150 per person. After that, he lead us to the place we stay, after we put down all the luggages, we depart to the sceneric area. The owner of the homestay recommend us to take the train to Zhao-Ping Station and start our tour in the national sceneric are from there.

here comes the train, wohoo~~

Finally reach the national scenic area.
started our tour from here :)

in front of the Lake of Sisters (姐妹潭), my favourite spot inside the scenic area

look at the shape of the tee trunk, it looks just like elephant nose (象鼻木)

see the shape of it, it's a love!! they called it forever one heart (永结同心)

there's a temple inside of the scenic area.

in front of the thousands years old sacred tree, the size of it is enormous

evening view on a-li shan

The highlights of visiting Mountain A-Li is to see the sunrise. There are 2 main spots to see the sunrise, 1 is from Mountain Zhu, another is from Mountain Yu. There are 4 of us, and we have divided into 2 groups. Me and Bong visited the Mountain Yu, we took a package in which there will be a tour guide bringing us to other several scenic spot in Mountain A-Li (玉山导览服务). The package costs TWD 300 per person.

these are no doubt the most beautiful scenery i've ever seen

The sun rises~ It wasn't that good, the sunlight is too bright, according to our tour guide, the most beautiful view of sun rise is during Spring.

There are 5 Wonders in Mountain A-Li. The sun rise(日出), clouds(云海), railway(铁路), sunset glow(晚霞), and the forest in national sceneric area(森林). Out of 5, we experienced 4 of them (didn't really get to see the sunset glow),but still, it's quite a nice journey rite?