Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eason Chan DUO Concert 2011

So, after the LOUD FESTIVAL 2011, going to another concert again in a consecutive week!! It's the Eason Chan DUO Concert 2011!!!

wohoo~ unlike the previous one, this is not free, i spent 200++ for the ticket.

the concert took place at Stadium Merdeka

while waiting for the concert to start

before the concert started, they kind of covered the stage with a huge black curtain

The concert finally started!! Wow~ the stage was just amazing

1 bad thing, they were pretty strict in not allowing people to take photos using cameras, but not those who took photos with phones, it just make me wanna purchase an iphone more...hehe
that's the reason why not much photos were taken by me T_T

the concert is good, makes me love Eason more, cause of his sense of humor and I just love to listen to him singing.

I said that the concert is good, but not using the word "great". This is because I kind of dissatisfied with the song choice he performed during the concert, he didn't sing most of his popular songs, there were many songs that I am not familiar with. And, he made quite a few mistakes during the concert. But, anyway, overall, I'm still enjoying it :)

A short clip I managed to record :)

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