Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tokyo Street @ PAVILLION KL

Have you visited pavillion during the last 3 days? If you haven't, you might want to go there now. Visit level 6, as the Tokyo Street has officially opened!!!

There are red carpets in level 6 that lead you to Tokyo street. Along the way, there are these pinky stuff as decorations, pretty rite?

Here I am, in front of Tokyo Street. :)

I'm a big time japanese food lover, so, what really attracted me in this tokyo street are the japanese food stalls, such as Mochi Sweets, Kindori ice cream, Shimino japanese crepes, Ochado, The Loaf (selling Oyaki).

See the brochure i'm holding? Inside got the tokyo street privilege card, with that, u r entitled for discounts for most of the products sold inside tokyo street, including the food i mentioned before. You can easily obtain the brochure from an information counter just outside Tokyo Street.

inside of Tokyo Street :)

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