Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

This is supposed to be a continued post of my "Taiwan Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village" post. I had basically delayed this post for like~ 3 months? Oops, sorry for being so lazy~

So, i'm gonna continue from my previous post- . After having a really enjoyable day in the cultural village and a nice rest in 月潭小栈, the next thing to do is to have a boat tour around sun moon lake.

We plan to take the 1st boat of the day, which is at 9am. Thanks to the owner of 月潭小栈 who had prepared a very very nice breakfast for us. As we were staying in 月潭小栈, we bought the boat tour ticket from the owner with a discounted price, which is only NTD150 per person. The normal price would be NTD300 for an adult.

breakfast of the day, yum yum :)

We had a 5 mins walk from the place we stay to the Ita Thao(伊达邵),the place where we would get on our boat.

Our guide is a young and handsome pure Thao (邵族), one of the Taiwan aboriginal tribe. He said that now in whole world, there's only left hundreds of pure Thao, and we are so lucky met 3 of them inside the boat, hehe... His explanation of the attractions are quite nice, as he will always add some jokes in it. But I guess he had been saying the same thing for like forever~ I think he also very "sien" dy, haha~ so his tone is actually really flat.

yeah, finally get on the boat.

It's a cloudy day, that why my photos doesn't look good at all, sorry for that >.< .
See the small building over there, it's called Boathouse (船屋), according to our guide, it's very very expensive to stay there.

see the orange building on top of it? that's Wenwu Temple (文武庙)

They let us down at the Lalu Island(拉鲁岛), which is located in the middle of the lake.

Reached Lalu Island, on our way up to visit Xuan Guang Temple, there's a lot of people meditating

The view of Sun Moon Lake from Xuan Guang Temple. Our guide told us that this place was called Sun Moon Lake because when you view it from top, one side of it is round - looks like a sun and another side has a curve, which looks like a moon.

there's a stone tablet in front of the temple, as you can see, there are 2 sides of it, one is written there Sun Moon Lake, another side is writter Xuan Guang Temple. The thing is, if you wanted to take a photo with "Sun Moon Lake", there is a long long queue, so since nobody wanna take a picture with Xuan Guang Temple, I might as well be the one, it's still proved that I was there, rite? haha

Xuan Guang Temple (玄光寺)

A must-eat if u came to Lalu Island, boiled egg with tea and soy sauce (茶叶蛋), i think we must had been so focus in eating it until forgot to take the picture of the food T_T

Look at the colour of the lake surrounding Lalu Island, so pretty~ ^^

before heading back, didn't forget to take a picture with our boat (怀恩2号). And the name of the company is call Noah's Ark (诺亚方舟), nice name rite?


  1. No pic of boiled egg and tea sauce??? NO!! Kidding! LOL

  2. The water is so blueish in color :)

  3. I would like to go there if I got the chance~!

  4. @nal : nod nod :)

    @Lindy : i also wonder why, hahaha

    @Thristhan : love it too ^^

    @KlaRaPaRiS : ya, you should :)