Thursday, October 15, 2009

sunway going to have bungy jump~~

picture source : the star

good news for all the adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts as we are going to have malaysia 1st permanent bungy jump attraction in sunway lagoon~~ wohoo~~

for me, bungy jump could be an once in a lifetime experience..really think i'm going to try it after this thing was officially launch...hehe

for your information, this bungy jump will be 22m of height above the water and we are going to jump of from the sunway lagoon's pedestrian suspension bridge. sounds cool rite? but i hope the height will be a little bit higher since the highest bungy jump in the world is 233m of height in Macau...however, some said it was considered as sky jump instead of bungee jump...i oso dunno...hehe

one more thing of my concern is how much will it cost to have a bungy jump? hmm...hope the price was affordable to me....hehe

so, anyone interested? ^^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a trip to remember - kl trip wiv arun, yeh, bong, aliff and mei fang (part 2)

guess where are we going for the next station
deng deng deng deng.....we are going to the our very own malaysian pride

twin towers

however, as soon as we reach there, it started to rain cats and dogs.....huhuuu
thus, the photo session at klcc park shall be delayed after we having our lunch in sushi king

btw....sushi king was having a big bowl contests...for contestants who are interested they need to finish a gigantic bowl of ramen in 10 minutes....
(when i said gigantic i really mean it...that bowl was really really huge)
if u can't do it, u nid to pay rm40 for that bowl of mee
if u did finish it in time, well...u no nid to pay for the bowl of ramen u juz eaten
don't think this challenge worth at al lor act~~

however, we got so lucky to be able to witness a guy who willing to take this challenge and won!! wohoo~~ our table clapped so hard after he finish it on time....haha

ok...after lunch....luckily the rain we heading to the klcc park to have our photo session...

say cheese~~ lolx

well, din manage to take much photo though coz the rain started to pour again...haiz....bad bad weather~~

KL Tower

it's kinda hard for us to get to KL tower as we get a bit lost in the middle of KL city.
owh...btw...we considered ourself visited the public library as we passing by the building when we were finding our way to the tower.

and finally...we reached our next station...however...haiz~~~
it's quite disappointing as we realized that the price of going up the observation deck was much more expensive than what we had expected
can u imagine that? we need to pay RM38!!!! in order to get up there
ish~ ish~

so, what we do at the end is to take photo at the bottom of the tower

well~ the photo stil look great, rite? ^^

dataran merdeka

our taiko, arun left after we visited kl the remaining 5 went to our nxt station wiv aliff's bluey~~

frankly speaking, i think i was having the most enjoyable moment at dataran merdeka...i oso dunno y...probably bcoz of the scenery, the cloudy weather, and the wind that makes us so comfortable.

there were so many spots for us to take pictures and the weather were just great!!!

the moment we having there was not something that i can tell u, is something that need to show from our pictures....

*talang*~~ nice rite?

trying to take a pic where al of us jump up in the air....everyone in a getting ready position

well, i failed again~~ din post al of these pic coz i looks sucks....i failed in almost all the shot we were jumping..poor yeh, bong and fang nid to retake the photos again and again due to my failure and pity aliff who was the photographer....lolx

tat's al for now~~ since it's the end of lunch time dy...haha
shall continue with part 3 next time~~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a trip to remember - kl trip wiv arun, yeh, bong, aliff and mei fang (part 1)

yeah~~ we done wiv the kl trip...i can say that tis is one of the nicest and best trip i ever had....

juz can't stop reviewing those photos a bong posted on facebook....if i had the adventure book in the movie "up", these photos wil definitely be pasted in the book

p/s: wendy, u really shud fly over to kl to join us in this trip...lolx

my journey start when aliff come n fetch me at 7.30pm from my apartment and heading towards kl sentral where al of us suppose to meet. (poor aliff, he was act sick but thank god he stil manage to join us in tis trip). after everyone met up at kl sentral, then we al departed to our 1st destination, batu caves wiv me, fang in aliff's car and bong, yeh in taiko's car.

batu caves

it has been 9 years since the last time i came here, but i never realized that climbing up those stairs were so tiring, we were all exhausted after climb to the top. for those who had never been to batu caves before, pls beware of those monkeys, do not show any foods or drinks to will only attract them to come and grab it from u like wat a money had almost done to mei fang when she plan to eat her bread.

group photo taken as soon as we reach batu caves

on the way to the top

aliff almost surrendered dy~~lolx

finally ~~

all in all, we are having great time at batu caves juz tat everyone was so tired after coming down from the cave. plus, most of us haven't have our breakfast before coming here. that's why we went for breakfast at mcdonald before going to our 2nd stop.

Zoo Negara

tis kl trip is like going to all the places i've been during my primary skul graduation trip. after 9 years, aloha again to the animals in was really exciting when i walk in the zoo. the 1st animal tat we saw is giraffe followed by elephant. mei fang even feed the elephant by putting her bread into the elephant's nose...omg...i can see the mucus coming out of its disgusting....but our mei fang stil bravely feeding it....give her a round of applause \o/\o/

however, as we walk further in, all i feel is hotness and tiredness and the stinky smell in the zoo...we even had the thought of bathing at someone's house 1st b4 continuing our trip...lolx...

p/s: quite disappointed coz didn't manage to see any penguins...huhu

i shall continue part 2 of our trip in my next post....pls looking forward to it^^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

lee seung gi - will you marry me?

deeply in love with this song, i keep playing it in my mp3 all the time
i assure you this will be the sweetest song that you'll ever heard

narang gyeolhonle chullae

(English translation)

will you marry me?

will you live forever with me?

whilst loving each other

i want to have a child that looks like me, another one that looks like you

and live, unhurt for 1000, or 10000 years

to be honest with you, i love you more than you do

and people says that's better between a man and a woman

i'll love you more, i'll take care of you

if you cry, if you're having a hard time, if you're hurt, i'll hurt with you

i'll love you forever, i'll protect you forever

i'm thankful that i've met someone like you

i want to love only you everyday

will you marry me?

(Rap) Marry me, there's a feeling of happiness everyday

and i look forward to tommorow with you

why am i so nervous

you are always the best, no matter how much i look at you

until our black hair becomes white

until our lives end

even if i put water in your hand, i won't put tears in your eyes

you as my half, i as your half

i'll love you as long as i breathe

as times goes by and we get wrinkles

you and i will still be together like now


i'll love you more, i'll take care of you

if you cry, if you're having a hard time, if you hurt, i'll hurt with you

i'll love you forever, i'll protect you forever

i'm thankful that i've met someone like you

i wan to love only you everyday


you're like the light which lightened up my dark life

the sound of soup boiling greeting me

the rain that falls on my thirsty heart

the poem that contains the meaning of love

the string of destiny that the heavens have allowed

the meeting between you and i was meant to be

you're irreplaceable even if i was given the whole world


you'll be the only person in my life forever

if you cry, if you're having a hard time, if you hurt, i'll hurt with you

i'll love you more, i'll take care of you

i'll love you forever, i'll protect you forever

i'm thankful that i met someone like you

i only want to love you everyday

will you marry me?

check this song out at :

Saturday, September 5, 2009


beethoven virus

hehe...lately i'm really addicted to a korea drama called beethoven virus. it's really high rated when it was showed in korea. this drama is all about people who had passion in music gathered together to form an orchestra and they were conducted by a world wide famous conductor.

(bad) kang gun woo

tis is the main character of the drama. he is a world wide famous conductor. very strict in conducting and sometimes quite arrogant. he was invited to conduct the city orchestra without realising that people he was going to conduct were amateur players. he was so strict tat al the orchestra players were afraid of him. but when u get to know him better, he's actually a kind hearted person, just tat he didn't show it. when he fall in love wiv du ru mi, he oso pretend tat he dislike her bcoz he know tat his student was loving her. he has been referred as the bad kang gun woo by du ru mi in her handphone.

du ru mi

tis is the heroin of the drama. a civil servant who had so much passion in music and suggest to the mayor to have a city orchestra. however, she ruined the plan by misusing the budget therefore she come out wiv the idea to gather all the ppl who had desire to be part of the city orchestra even without any pay. however, in the middle of the progress, she found out tat she was actually having a tumor in her brain and which is causing her to be deaf. she was also in the love triangle between the bad kang gun woo and the good kang gun woo. however, the person tat she really like is actually the bad kang gun woo.

(good) kang gun woo

and tis, is my most favourite character in the drama. isn't he handsome? lolx...originally he was a police but he was asked by du ru mi to joined the orchestra due to his talent in playing trumpet. while he was joining the orchestra, his talent in music was discovered. he can actually play a music juz by listening to it once. when he was told about the story tat mozart and memorize allegri miserere juz by listening to it once, he tried to do it so and guess wat, he can memorize almost all of it . everyone ws so shocked about his talent.

later on, he has become the student of bad kang gun woo in order to learn conducting.both of them are having the exactly same name but absolutely different personality, their style in conducting are also absolutely different. for him, music is something we nid to do it happily and enjoying in it. therefore, he never being harsh to his member and he was love by everyone.

my new idol - jang geun seuk

act juz wanna introduce u guys abt tis drama, hope u guys wil enjoy it^^

Friday, September 4, 2009


yeah..finally at home!!! when i'm at home, it means i can online and therefore i can publish a new post on my blog dy...hehe..

yesterday was such a tiring day, after work time, rush to pwtc to buy a bus ticket....(oh, talking abt tis, reallly wanna thank my sv, omg, he's such a nice person, when i asked him "can i leave an hour erlier today?" he said"u wanna go bek home? can can, juz leave, u wanna leave 2 hours or earlier than tat oso can...muahahaha, suddenly like him so much)ok...continue wiv the topic b4, after i bought my bus ticket, it's only 6.30pm while my bus is 9.30pm, so how am i going to spend those 3 hours? firstly, went to mcdonald to hv my dinner. after tat, went to matta fair however, stil hv 2 hours left b4 my bus arrive and i can't find anything else to do ady, so juz wait at the bus station for two boring out there...

hehe...but now i'm finally at home dy...omg..i'm so happy....hmm...tis time i'm going to share wiv u guys abt the movies and dramas i've been watching since my internship. i had been watching a lot of movies since my internship, such as, hmm...G.I.Joe, the taking of pelham, aliens in the attic, the land of the lost, terminator 3, transformers 2, the proposal, overheard, Up, on his majesty secret service, district 9, and the most recent one- dance flick.

however, among all these, only 3 that i will rate it as 5 star movie - the taking of pelham, the proposal and Up

  • the taking of pelham 123

i've always like this kind of movie, while u were watching u'll always be suspicious abt wat is going to happen next. other examples of tis type of movie such as speed, air force one, face off are all my favourites movies. furthermore, denzel washington and john travolta, both are great actors. there are two unforgettable scenes in this movie. i actually cried during these two scenes. the 1st one is when john travolta point a gun to a young man and threatened denzel that he wil kill the young man if denzel did not confess that he actually receive the bribe. in order to save the life of the boy, he finally need to confess his crime in front of everybody. he said that he need the money for his wife and kids. this scene really touch my heart. although he knew tat he might go to jail if he confess it but he stil did it due to save the young man's life.
another scene is actually the ending of this movie. when everything was settled down, the mayor of new york city actually say thank you to denzel for everything he had done and he is going to help him in solving the bribe thingy. and finally, denzel bring the half gallon of milk bek home to his wife like what his wife had instructed him to do earlier on.

  • Up

tis movie was damn touching. i actually watched tis movie with a yeh, bong and aliff and one U tgv cinema. me and a bong actually cried in the cinema. the story goes like tis, the old man was trying to fulfil his wife dream to go to the paradise fall after her wife's death. this is their dream since they were a kid. so he use those balloons to fly his house up to the sky, and tis fat, cute little boy accidentally followed him up to the sky. this boy is just like many other kids in the world now, he may came from a rich family, but his parents were actually have no time to spend wiv him. so, many funny stuff happen among tis old man and tis cute little kid.

one of the most touching scene in tis movie is that the old man always review his wife's adventure book. when he flipped to the page " things that i wanted to d next", he always sigh and never flipped to the page behind it. he was so regret that he didn't bring his wife for ant adventure. there are so many stuff that he had promised his wife, he even crossed his heart but none of them was fulfilled. finally when he carried the house to the paradise fall, the cute boy (well, to make it simple) decided to fight off the bad guy, however, the old man choose to stick to his house which contains all the memories with his wife. he review the book again, and he accidentally flip to the page "things tat i wanted to do next", he realised that his wife had been keeping all the photos of them inside the book and on the last page, she even wrote " thanks for all the adventures, go and start a new one" i was crying like a baby during tis scene. at tis moment, he finally decide to let it go and help the boy to fight off those bad guys.

  • the proposal

i watched this movie 2 weeks ago at klcc tgv cinema with a bong and eileen. this is actually the 1st time i met eileen since internship. so glad to be able to see her finally. we also went to the convention center and visit the book fair. there are so many nice and cheap books over there. it was really a very nice trip that day. the trip become even nice because of this movie. sandra bullock has always been my favourite comedy actress. i don't think there is any other actress can perform better than her in a comedy. every part of this movie is funny and i really glad tat we actually chose to watch tis movie instead of laughing gor tat day. moreover, i really like those dresses sandra was wearing in this movie. all of them look so nice. well, since that i'm now working in office too, i would like to wear one of those during my workin hour. but i'm sure the price of those clothes is not the price that i can afford...lolx

haha....ok..finish the movie part, my next post i will be sharing about the drams i have been watching lately...^^

pls look forward to it=)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the first three weeks during industrial training

after 3 weeks staying at PJ, and based on my experience, i strongly recommend my fren who are going to have their industrial training next semester choose a company which its location allow you to stay with ur frens, else ur life will be like mine, boring and really lonely after work hours. haih~ that's why i keep going out during weekends. if not, i'm going to suffocate till death at PJ. this is the place where i stay, it's called bayu puteri apartment

luckily, the people in the company is quite nice especially the staff in my team. me and other trainees called him as 'superman' as he is the one who handle everything in the company. whenever you had a problem, just referred to him, he'll help you solve it. he was so busy, but yet, he still willing to spend his time to guide me step by step so that i could understand those coding, huhuuu...really thanks him for that. he was so busy that everyday he OT, sometimes until 11pm at night. and he never eat lunch with us everyday he'll bring his own lunch, and eat it at ard 4pm. he'll finish it in 10 minutes and continue with his work again....i really can't imagine a person can be so dedicated to the company. for my case, everyday, i reach the company at 9pm sharp and leave at 6pm sharp. muahahaha~~if there's a job i can't finish on that day, i'll juz ask the superman..erm, can i continue my work tomorrow?...then he'll i'll juz leave...muahahah

another thing i need to remind u al, pls choose a place where there are a lot of nice food ard to stay. haih~~ everyday i oni eat the same thing nia for my lunch and dinner. except once, i went to sunway pyramid to have my dinner with my colleague...the restaurant is quite nice and the price oso quite's the pic of it

this is called claypot seafood rice

so...let's talk abt how i spent my weekend so far. for the first week, thx to agung, he's having his birthday on saturday so i'm hving holiday on that day (for ur info, me nid to work on sat...huhuuu) my family come and visit o....hehe...since they're staying at hotel, of coz i pack my bags and go spend my time with them lar...

picture of kuala lumpur tat i took from the hotel

after my parents left, i went to mid valley to meet wiv bonh, yeh and dear arun. we watched terminator 3 together. instead of john conner, i really like marcus wright.for me, he's really handsome....hehe
on the 2nd week, i went to mid valley to meet xuan hui who is coming to kl to watch fish leong concert. btw, thx to a bong, now tat i noe that how to go to mid valley by bus. i took a picture from the place where i wait for the bus to go mid valley.

the next day, me and bong go and meet mei fang at klcc. there's a gallery there at klcc, i forgot the name of the painter dy. our cute mei fang took a really cute picture at the entrance.
we also have our tea break at new zealand natural and they give us a really cute chocolate.

so the third week, my dear dear sis come from malacca to visit me so we meet each other at times square. and when we go to pavillion, i met an old fren of mine, fiona. she's my classmate during high school. i think we haven't met each other for about 2 years. it was so nice to be able to meet her again.
a picture i took with my sis b4 she left

after that, i went to taman melati to meet my cousin sister. we having our dinner together at memory corner. the food and the drinks there were very very nice. shud try it if u went there. when i enter the restaurant, i saw duke there too. what a coincidence!!!
as soon as i get bek to my cousin's house, i've been so bz in writing these blogs and dwnlding songs until now...haih~ it's time for me to get bek to PJ liao...
so, that's all for now....hope that everything will run smoothly for this week...
bye bye

a week b4 internship

hello everyone!!!

today is the finish of my third week internship, however, life during industrial training seems to be too boring for me, that's why i decided to start blogging during my spare time.well, since there are no internet connection in the place which i'm currently staying(coz my housemates said they are quite exhausted after coming bek from work so they dun wanna hv streamyx...which is kind a lame excuse to me) when u see i'm posting a new post, that means that i was either in other's house, or spending rm10++ for a cup of coffee while blogging or IT'S MY OFFICE HOUR!!!!muahahaha

okay, let's get bek to the topic....the week b4 my internship start...wellllllllll, i would say that it was indeed an interesting week. juz after i left UTP after the exam, i go stay at my aunt's house which is at tanjung piandang. for your information, tanjung piandang is a small village located at the border of negeri perak and pulau pinang. compared to the hustle and bustle in the city, it is really and peaceful and tranquil village. the people here are really nice and friendly. i hvn't meet my aunt's neighbour for almost 10 years but they stil rmb me and keep calling me "a man a man".
the day after, my cousin brother brought me and my sis to georgetown, or should i say queensbay mall since that's the oni place we visited. me and my sis decided to watch movie, but it seems that i had watched too much muviess during exam week, so we have oni one option and we decided to watch a movie called Push starring by Dakota Fanning. this movie is about people with super abilities and their super lame story. i can forgive the lame story, however, i can't understand at all why the whole story took place at HONG KONG!!! they din even show the nice scenery of hong kong, they juz show all the markets and the places that poor people stay!!! DAMN IT!!!

the movie - push (the poster looks quite attractive rite, that's y i kena tipu)

hello queensbay

so, after watching that movie that made me so sleepy, me and my sis go for shopping in queensbay mall. well, i did spot some nice clothes and pants but din buy it due to xiaomin's economic crisis.

well, this is the blouse that i really like, does it look nice?

after that, we are having a walk at the seaside, well, i have to say "seaside" instead of beach as there are no beach at all. the penang government seems to be very wise in using every inch of the, after 2 days staying at tanjung piandang, we get bek to kota bharu, home sweet home!! instead of packing, i spend the rest of my time before intern going out yamcha wiv my cousins. hehe...

e...paise...seems like it's took dark at night at kelantan riverside, so the pic quite blur..haha

however, after finish yumcha, guess wat, we met a crazy fella...!!!! then that crazy fella had been met my cousin before. guess what he did to her, he take off his pants in front of her!!! OMG!!! we quickly get into the car. can u believe it?! he followed us!!!! whenever we stop at the red light, he will stop aside and when the light turned green he'll start to follow us again. what's frightening us is that, there's no plat number on his motocycle. we really dunno wat to do, we don't dare to go home,else the guy will noe where we stay, we don't dare to tell our parents, else we'll be grounded. so, my cousin decided to call her boyfriend. the boyfriend here means a friend who is a male. as soon as the friend appear, the guy no longer following us. so the conclusion of this incident is that, no more yum cha at night liao....huhuuu

and that's my week b4 my intership:(