Sunday, April 24, 2011

Taiwan Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村)

It's been almost a month since the last time i updated my post, i know a month is like years~ in the cyber world. haha...sorry for being lazy in blogging. This month is also a very important month for me too as I had officially started my working life!!! wohoo~~

anyway, i'm going to continue in what i have started, continue to blog about my taiwan trip. So, another place that I think is one of a must-visit when you were in taiwan is the Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村). It is located at the Nantou(南投) province, very nearby the Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).

We went there from Taichung. You can choose to go there by bus or taxi. You can took the bus from the high speed railways station, the price should be around 200++ taiwan dollar, and it's going to be a 2 hours journey. Since there are 4 of us, we decide to took taxi, which costs TD 1200 and it only took us 1 hour ++ to reach our destination.

We stayed at 月潭小栈, which is located at Ita Thao (伊达邵) of the sun moon lake. We choose to stay at Ita Thao because it is near to the cable car station to the cultural village. It's only 5 minutes walk from the place we stay to the cable car station. The owner of 月潭小栈 is so friendly and kind. If you guys going to sun moon lake, may consider to stay at this place. They offer a package for 4 person, accommodation + ticket to cultural village + cable car ticket which costs 4400 in total, means only 1100 per person.

Enough for the talking, the rest i'll be using pictures to show you the fun that we had in the cultural village.

along the pathway towards the cable car station :)

sun moon lake

on the way to formosa aboriginal cultural village, holding our tickets :)

yeah~ finally, we reached :)

this thing is really really fun~ we played it twice~~ :D

can you spot me? i'm rite in the middle, person with white jacket :)

pirate ship

watching performances, around 40 mins show, totally enjoying it~ muz watch!! :)

rented the traditional costume with TD100

the europe garden~ as if i'm really in europe, love this place

on our way back, be caution with the time, if not mistaken, the operation time of the cable car is until 4.30pm (weekend), weekday shud be 4pm

sunset view of sun moon lake~

back to our sweet room :)

night time snack~~ yum yum~ bought at Ita Thao market :)

haih~ i wonder when will i have a chance again to go for a 10 days trip

Saturday, April 2, 2011


As u can see from the title, IMASTRAVEL means I Must Travel!
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