Monday, December 13, 2010

Amazing Race Finale

I've just finished watching the grand finale of amazing race season 17. Congratulations to Nat and Kat for being the first all female team to be able to win the race!! Just can't stop crying to see them actually win, really amazed by their friendship.

nat & kat -official winner of amazing race season 17

i only start rooting for the doctors after the elimination of michael and kevin (team jumba). Really hope this father and son team could have gone further, but too bad, they were eliminated because of a cab...arghh~. anyway, the grand final just end up like what i wish for, nat & kat 1st, followed by brooke & claire 2nd and the third is jill and thomas(the last standing Not really like thomas coz he seemed a little bit cocky to me..haha.

to talk about the my most favourite amazing race winners of all time, definitely rob and brennan, the lawyers in season 1 and also tammy and victor, also lawyers in season 14. (hmmp...why i always root for lawyers ar?...haha)

rob & brennan

tammy & victor

for the next season sneak preview, guess what, it's going to be an all stars season again!! wohoo~ it seems like jet and cord is definitely in!! i think gary and mallory is in too as i heard her saying, "we are doing this again". from what i googled, seems like there are going to be 5 teams from season 14, wow~ but i dun mind, coz season 14 is one of the best seasons that i've watched. can't wait for it!!

oh...on the other hand, for amazing race asia which ended last thursday, congrates to the richards for becoming the first phillipines to have won the race. As a malaysian, of course i root for ethan and khairie, so sad that they didn't make it. for another malaysian pair, ivan and hilda, although they didn't make it that far, but i really wanna give a credit to them for making the show a lot more interesting. I would like to say that they totally steal the show in the first 2 episodes.

So, let's us all wait for the amazing race allstars, season 18 which is going to aired on 20th february 2011. hope it's going to be a great one :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Korea OST Collection

I was once a really huge fan of korean drama. The 1st ever korean drama that i watched is winter sonata. Missed those moments when i watched those dramas with my family. Everyday 7pm, turned on tv, everyone gathered at the living room and watched dramas together.
Nowadays, korean drama didn't attracted me as much as it did. At least, it didn't make me have the eagerness to buy its original vcds or soundtracks. I used to beg my dad to buy me all those original vcds, those that i owned including autumn in my heart, winter sonata, hotelier, all about eve, stairways to heaven......

One thing that makes me really fell in love with korean drama is the OST. The music matched with the story line so well and everytime when i listened back to the music it makes me think back the particular scene of the drama~ that time, i kind of addicted to those music~
that's why, during my high school time, me and my sista will use our savings to buy these drama's OST and keep playing it non-stop while we were studying.

my OST collection (lost 2)

Well, among these OST that i've owned, the drama that i like the most would be sorry, i love you. Recently, i watched sorry, i love you again, crying non-stop, really is the best drama ever. Love Soh Ji Sup so soooo much..... Amont these OST, i know most ppl never watch green rose, but it is a great drama too, the main hero was being accused for murdered the heroin's father, so the story is al about how he tried to prove himself innocent and take revenge.

The OST i love the most, of course is winter sonata, but too bad, i can't find the CDs, dunno where i've kept it, but luckily i already ripped the music into my laptop. besides winter sonata, i also lost another soundtrack, memories in bali~ so sad :(

When buying these OSTs, it usually attached with a small book which contains the lyrics of the songs, but too bad it's in korean, but still feel nice to be able to look at those beautiful pictures.

Well, the OST which has the most beautiful package, of course is Princess Hours. love the song, especially perhaps love ~ suddenly feels like wanna watch the drama again~ miss the cute yoon eun hye~ ^^

that's all for now~ going to spend my time looking for the missing 2 soundtracks tonight...huhuuu...hopefully can find it!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simply Beastly

omg~ i juz realized, i've been blogging about movies only~
but, why not? since watching movies is my biggest hobby....wohoo~

well, after coming bek from utp, i am busy planning with my taiwan trip, meanwhile, i oso googling about the upcoming movies next year~

it suddenly crossed my mind, a trailer that i watched in cinema, i am number four, starred by alex pettyfer. hmm...not really interested with the plot of the story but so interested with alex pettyfer, i recognized him when he's starring in wildchild, a very very charming guy :)

alex pettyfer

well, when i wikied about him~ i noticed one movie, called BEASTLY. the plot of this movie totally attracted me, it's like the story of modern day beauty and the beast. haha, i think deep inside of me i'm still the little girl longing for life like fairytale where things ended up happily ever after.... *shy*

so the story goes like this, alex pettyfer is a young, rich, handsome but arrogant guy. so a witch appear, and curse him to become a beast until he found someone who can love him for what he is now~ so, who's the beauty? deng deng deng's vanessa hudgens!!! wohoo~~~ so excited, i'm a really big fan of her, and of course zac efron since i watched HSM.

so, they lived together, and then fall in love with each other~ but something happened, he almost died for vanessa, but at the last minute, vanessa kissed him and finally the spell is over and everyone lived happily ever after ^^

oh, another attraction of this movie is that Barney Stinson is also in this movie, you guys should recognized him if you watched "how i met your mother"

it was scheduled to release last july, but it was clashed with zachy's charlie's st. cloud, so it was being postponed to march 2011...huhuuu...hopefully i was in kl tat time

so here is the official trailer, enjoy :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Narnia review

i've just graduated from utp last week. To have a perfect ending of our 4.5 years as a university student, me and my coursemates decided to have our last outing, the agenda is to watch a movie which i think will be great -- narnia - the voyage of the dawn treader in 3D...we even bought the premiere ticket, which costs RM20 per ticket.
So, that's it, i'm walking in the cinema confidently, happily, expecting it to be great, since i'm a really big fan of the first 2 sequel...

But, i guess, narnia without Peter and Susan, is not "narnia" anymore. the storyline is so plain and dull~kept looking for swords only. i kept anticipating for the climax, but the climax is like zzz~ erghh~~ the visual effect is not even great...haiz~ waste my money nia...

the moment that makes me most excited is when peter came out...but the problem is, he just came out for like 15seconds? huhuuu....

oh...almost forget...there's a new character came out, eustace, a very annoying cousin of the pevensies, but at least he is a spark of the movie, from what happened in the end of the movie, he seems like going to appear in the next few sequels of chronicles of narnia.
Wikied chronicles of narnia just now, huhuu.....the pevensies are not going to be the main characters for the next few sequels anymore...huhuu..going to miss them so so so much~
anyway, it is still a great outing, being able to hang out with arun, aliff, bong, siu ying and yoon yeh. we went to old town for supper and have a chit chat in utp before we bid our goodbye. How i hope wendy, eileen and sumathi were there too~

going to miss u all, hope we can have our next gathering real soon~

love u al :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm so TANGLED up!!!!

since the first day i saw the trailer of tangled, i have been wanted to watch this movie. Thanks to aliff, cally, mei le and mei fang for accompanying me to watch this movie. it's have been a really long time since i have the feeling of unreluctant to leave the cinema after watching a movie. Too bad that there wasn't a cinema in my hometown, kelantan. else, i'm going to watch Rapunzel - a tangled tale for the 2nd time for sure.

Totally falling in love with all the characters in this movie. first and foremost, of course - flynn rider. He is just so hilarious and so handsome too. love him so so so much. secondly, of course, the main main character, rapunzel, she is so cute yet beautiful, love her voice too. Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore make a perfect couple for this disney movie. their voice are so charming~~ the songs are incredibly awesome, can't stop playing the soundtrack in my laptop.

also, maximus~ the horse which acts more like a good in tracking flynn, the most wanted thief of the kingdom.

oh, and rapunzel's best friend, a chameleon, it did a great job in waking flynn's up by sticking its tongue to flynn's ear. it has so many expressions which are just so cuutee~~~

don't forget about the thugs too who were in the ducklings. Despite being fierce, they are just a bunch of guys who had their own dreams and they were being really helpful to flynn rider. they sing well too!!! lol

well, being a big fan of tangled, of course i didn't forget to take a pic with the poster. here it is~~
credit to cally's camera ^^

p/s : just finished watching 万千星辉颁奖典礼,totally satisfied with the result. Congratulations to lam fung for winning most favourite male character, and also 黎耀祥 and 邓萃雯 for winning best actor and actress. :)