Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milk Tea Fever

It seems like there is a milk tea fever going on in KL, there are so many milk tea franchises in the city. And I got the chance to try 3 of them during my recent visits to bukit bintang area.

1. Ochado(茶の道)
Oolong White Peach Tea with Pearl Topping
Pass by the stall when i was visiting Tokyo Street and decided to give it a try.

2. Chatime(日出茶太)
Topseller - Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly
I think this is the most popular stall among the 3 that I have visited as there were always a very long queue in front of the stall (especially at its outlet in the gardens)

3. Share Tea (歇脚亭)
Classic Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea
Eric Tsang(曾志伟) as the spokeperson. Located at the main entrance of Sungei Wang Plaza. What I can say about this shop is that, the workers are really really polite. And sometimes I feel that it is a bit overly polite....haha...somehow it makes me feel a bit awkward. :P

All in all, these 3 milk tea franchises are equally good. There are some differences in the menu, but the price are almost the same. I love all 3 of them, just that I think their normal sugar level are a bit too sweet for me, next time when I buying it, will request my drink to have only 50% of sugar level. :)

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  1. I haven't tried Ochado and Share Tea, but so far my fave is Gong Cha. :D I feel that different Chatime outlets have different tastes, and I much prefer the selection in Gong Cha. Will try out the others when I pass by next time, hehe.