Thursday, October 15, 2009

sunway going to have bungy jump~~

picture source : the star

good news for all the adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts as we are going to have malaysia 1st permanent bungy jump attraction in sunway lagoon~~ wohoo~~

for me, bungy jump could be an once in a lifetime experience..really think i'm going to try it after this thing was officially launch...hehe

for your information, this bungy jump will be 22m of height above the water and we are going to jump of from the sunway lagoon's pedestrian suspension bridge. sounds cool rite? but i hope the height will be a little bit higher since the highest bungy jump in the world is 233m of height in Macau...however, some said it was considered as sky jump instead of bungee jump...i oso dunno...hehe

one more thing of my concern is how much will it cost to have a bungy jump? hmm...hope the price was affordable to me....hehe

so, anyone interested? ^^

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  1. me! *angkat tangan*
    anyway, this is the manga that i wanted you to read :D
    the online version and the printed version is differently translated. (it's not a long series, dont worry ^^)
    i'll let you try mine if we get to see each other soon ^^