Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a trip to remember - kl trip wiv arun, yeh, bong, aliff and mei fang (part 1)

yeah~~ we done wiv the kl trip...i can say that tis is one of the nicest and best trip i ever had....

juz can't stop reviewing those photos a bong posted on facebook....if i had the adventure book in the movie "up", these photos wil definitely be pasted in the book

p/s: wendy, u really shud fly over to kl to join us in this trip...lolx

my journey start when aliff come n fetch me at 7.30pm from my apartment and heading towards kl sentral where al of us suppose to meet. (poor aliff, he was act sick but thank god he stil manage to join us in tis trip). after everyone met up at kl sentral, then we al departed to our 1st destination, batu caves wiv me, fang in aliff's car and bong, yeh in taiko's car.

batu caves

it has been 9 years since the last time i came here, but i never realized that climbing up those stairs were so tiring, we were all exhausted after climb to the top. for those who had never been to batu caves before, pls beware of those monkeys, do not show any foods or drinks to them....it will only attract them to come and grab it from u like wat a money had almost done to mei fang when she plan to eat her bread.

group photo taken as soon as we reach batu caves

on the way to the top

aliff almost surrendered dy~~lolx

finally ~~

all in all, we are having great time at batu caves juz tat everyone was so tired after coming down from the cave. plus, most of us haven't have our breakfast before coming here. that's why we went for breakfast at mcdonald before going to our 2nd stop.

Zoo Negara

tis kl trip is like going to all the places i've been during my primary skul graduation trip. after 9 years, aloha again to the animals in zoo..hehe...it was really exciting when i walk in the zoo. the 1st animal tat we saw is giraffe followed by elephant. mei fang even feed the elephant by putting her bread into the elephant's nose...omg...i can see the mucus coming out of its nose...uek...so disgusting....but our mei fang stil bravely feeding it....give her a round of applause \o/\o/

however, as we walk further in, all i feel is hotness and tiredness and the stinky smell in the zoo...we even had the thought of bathing at someone's house 1st b4 continuing our trip...lolx...

p/s: quite disappointed coz didn't manage to see any penguins...huhu

i shall continue part 2 of our trip in my next post....pls looking forward to it^^

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