Friday, September 4, 2009


yeah..finally at home!!! when i'm at home, it means i can online and therefore i can publish a new post on my blog dy...hehe..

yesterday was such a tiring day, after work time, rush to pwtc to buy a bus ticket....(oh, talking abt tis, reallly wanna thank my sv, omg, he's such a nice person, when i asked him "can i leave an hour erlier today?" he said"u wanna go bek home? can can, juz leave, u wanna leave 2 hours or earlier than tat oso can...muahahaha, suddenly like him so much)ok...continue wiv the topic b4, after i bought my bus ticket, it's only 6.30pm while my bus is 9.30pm, so how am i going to spend those 3 hours? firstly, went to mcdonald to hv my dinner. after tat, went to matta fair however, stil hv 2 hours left b4 my bus arrive and i can't find anything else to do ady, so juz wait at the bus station for two boring out there...

hehe...but now i'm finally at home dy...omg..i'm so happy....hmm...tis time i'm going to share wiv u guys abt the movies and dramas i've been watching since my internship. i had been watching a lot of movies since my internship, such as, hmm...G.I.Joe, the taking of pelham, aliens in the attic, the land of the lost, terminator 3, transformers 2, the proposal, overheard, Up, on his majesty secret service, district 9, and the most recent one- dance flick.

however, among all these, only 3 that i will rate it as 5 star movie - the taking of pelham, the proposal and Up

  • the taking of pelham 123

i've always like this kind of movie, while u were watching u'll always be suspicious abt wat is going to happen next. other examples of tis type of movie such as speed, air force one, face off are all my favourites movies. furthermore, denzel washington and john travolta, both are great actors. there are two unforgettable scenes in this movie. i actually cried during these two scenes. the 1st one is when john travolta point a gun to a young man and threatened denzel that he wil kill the young man if denzel did not confess that he actually receive the bribe. in order to save the life of the boy, he finally need to confess his crime in front of everybody. he said that he need the money for his wife and kids. this scene really touch my heart. although he knew tat he might go to jail if he confess it but he stil did it due to save the young man's life.
another scene is actually the ending of this movie. when everything was settled down, the mayor of new york city actually say thank you to denzel for everything he had done and he is going to help him in solving the bribe thingy. and finally, denzel bring the half gallon of milk bek home to his wife like what his wife had instructed him to do earlier on.

  • Up

tis movie was damn touching. i actually watched tis movie with a yeh, bong and aliff and one U tgv cinema. me and a bong actually cried in the cinema. the story goes like tis, the old man was trying to fulfil his wife dream to go to the paradise fall after her wife's death. this is their dream since they were a kid. so he use those balloons to fly his house up to the sky, and tis fat, cute little boy accidentally followed him up to the sky. this boy is just like many other kids in the world now, he may came from a rich family, but his parents were actually have no time to spend wiv him. so, many funny stuff happen among tis old man and tis cute little kid.

one of the most touching scene in tis movie is that the old man always review his wife's adventure book. when he flipped to the page " things that i wanted to d next", he always sigh and never flipped to the page behind it. he was so regret that he didn't bring his wife for ant adventure. there are so many stuff that he had promised his wife, he even crossed his heart but none of them was fulfilled. finally when he carried the house to the paradise fall, the cute boy (well, to make it simple) decided to fight off the bad guy, however, the old man choose to stick to his house which contains all the memories with his wife. he review the book again, and he accidentally flip to the page "things tat i wanted to do next", he realised that his wife had been keeping all the photos of them inside the book and on the last page, she even wrote " thanks for all the adventures, go and start a new one" i was crying like a baby during tis scene. at tis moment, he finally decide to let it go and help the boy to fight off those bad guys.

  • the proposal

i watched this movie 2 weeks ago at klcc tgv cinema with a bong and eileen. this is actually the 1st time i met eileen since internship. so glad to be able to see her finally. we also went to the convention center and visit the book fair. there are so many nice and cheap books over there. it was really a very nice trip that day. the trip become even nice because of this movie. sandra bullock has always been my favourite comedy actress. i don't think there is any other actress can perform better than her in a comedy. every part of this movie is funny and i really glad tat we actually chose to watch tis movie instead of laughing gor tat day. moreover, i really like those dresses sandra was wearing in this movie. all of them look so nice. well, since that i'm now working in office too, i would like to wear one of those during my workin hour. but i'm sure the price of those clothes is not the price that i can afford...lolx

haha....ok..finish the movie part, my next post i will be sharing about the drams i have been watching lately...^^

pls look forward to it=)

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