Saturday, September 5, 2009


beethoven virus

hehe...lately i'm really addicted to a korea drama called beethoven virus. it's really high rated when it was showed in korea. this drama is all about people who had passion in music gathered together to form an orchestra and they were conducted by a world wide famous conductor.

(bad) kang gun woo

tis is the main character of the drama. he is a world wide famous conductor. very strict in conducting and sometimes quite arrogant. he was invited to conduct the city orchestra without realising that people he was going to conduct were amateur players. he was so strict tat al the orchestra players were afraid of him. but when u get to know him better, he's actually a kind hearted person, just tat he didn't show it. when he fall in love wiv du ru mi, he oso pretend tat he dislike her bcoz he know tat his student was loving her. he has been referred as the bad kang gun woo by du ru mi in her handphone.

du ru mi

tis is the heroin of the drama. a civil servant who had so much passion in music and suggest to the mayor to have a city orchestra. however, she ruined the plan by misusing the budget therefore she come out wiv the idea to gather all the ppl who had desire to be part of the city orchestra even without any pay. however, in the middle of the progress, she found out tat she was actually having a tumor in her brain and which is causing her to be deaf. she was also in the love triangle between the bad kang gun woo and the good kang gun woo. however, the person tat she really like is actually the bad kang gun woo.

(good) kang gun woo

and tis, is my most favourite character in the drama. isn't he handsome? lolx...originally he was a police but he was asked by du ru mi to joined the orchestra due to his talent in playing trumpet. while he was joining the orchestra, his talent in music was discovered. he can actually play a music juz by listening to it once. when he was told about the story tat mozart and memorize allegri miserere juz by listening to it once, he tried to do it so and guess wat, he can memorize almost all of it . everyone ws so shocked about his talent.

later on, he has become the student of bad kang gun woo in order to learn conducting.both of them are having the exactly same name but absolutely different personality, their style in conducting are also absolutely different. for him, music is something we nid to do it happily and enjoying in it. therefore, he never being harsh to his member and he was love by everyone.

my new idol - jang geun seuk

act juz wanna introduce u guys abt tis drama, hope u guys wil enjoy it^^

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