Saturday, June 20, 2009

the first three weeks during industrial training

after 3 weeks staying at PJ, and based on my experience, i strongly recommend my fren who are going to have their industrial training next semester choose a company which its location allow you to stay with ur frens, else ur life will be like mine, boring and really lonely after work hours. haih~ that's why i keep going out during weekends. if not, i'm going to suffocate till death at PJ. this is the place where i stay, it's called bayu puteri apartment

luckily, the people in the company is quite nice especially the staff in my team. me and other trainees called him as 'superman' as he is the one who handle everything in the company. whenever you had a problem, just referred to him, he'll help you solve it. he was so busy, but yet, he still willing to spend his time to guide me step by step so that i could understand those coding, huhuuu...really thanks him for that. he was so busy that everyday he OT, sometimes until 11pm at night. and he never eat lunch with us everyday he'll bring his own lunch, and eat it at ard 4pm. he'll finish it in 10 minutes and continue with his work again....i really can't imagine a person can be so dedicated to the company. for my case, everyday, i reach the company at 9pm sharp and leave at 6pm sharp. muahahaha~~if there's a job i can't finish on that day, i'll juz ask the superman..erm, can i continue my work tomorrow?...then he'll i'll juz leave...muahahah

another thing i need to remind u al, pls choose a place where there are a lot of nice food ard to stay. haih~~ everyday i oni eat the same thing nia for my lunch and dinner. except once, i went to sunway pyramid to have my dinner with my colleague...the restaurant is quite nice and the price oso quite's the pic of it

this is called claypot seafood rice

so...let's talk abt how i spent my weekend so far. for the first week, thx to agung, he's having his birthday on saturday so i'm hving holiday on that day (for ur info, me nid to work on sat...huhuuu) my family come and visit o....hehe...since they're staying at hotel, of coz i pack my bags and go spend my time with them lar...

picture of kuala lumpur tat i took from the hotel

after my parents left, i went to mid valley to meet wiv bonh, yeh and dear arun. we watched terminator 3 together. instead of john conner, i really like marcus wright.for me, he's really handsome....hehe
on the 2nd week, i went to mid valley to meet xuan hui who is coming to kl to watch fish leong concert. btw, thx to a bong, now tat i noe that how to go to mid valley by bus. i took a picture from the place where i wait for the bus to go mid valley.

the next day, me and bong go and meet mei fang at klcc. there's a gallery there at klcc, i forgot the name of the painter dy. our cute mei fang took a really cute picture at the entrance.
we also have our tea break at new zealand natural and they give us a really cute chocolate.

so the third week, my dear dear sis come from malacca to visit me so we meet each other at times square. and when we go to pavillion, i met an old fren of mine, fiona. she's my classmate during high school. i think we haven't met each other for about 2 years. it was so nice to be able to meet her again.
a picture i took with my sis b4 she left

after that, i went to taman melati to meet my cousin sister. we having our dinner together at memory corner. the food and the drinks there were very very nice. shud try it if u went there. when i enter the restaurant, i saw duke there too. what a coincidence!!!
as soon as i get bek to my cousin's house, i've been so bz in writing these blogs and dwnlding songs until now...haih~ it's time for me to get bek to PJ liao...
so, that's all for now....hope that everything will run smoothly for this week...
bye bye


  1. whee! finally min min got blog lu!!!! and its english!! so cally can read!! mwahahaha...

    your place nice swimming pool..can go swim swim tau? too very sien...SIEN!!!!

  2. very shortcut eh u mention me... ish ish! u and that stupid hoon use the toxic to wash face is it? MY GOD!!! Wait ur face got fur u juz noe... muahahaha!

    P/S: im alone at lobby now, juz get used la...
    learn from tamai, bcome lone ranger...wakaka!

  3. haha..too long din update my blog ady aug 19th, and i juz noticed ur comments...lolx

  4. yeah n today oso u will realize that i comment ur blog (^_^)v . . .min min later i go to ur swimming pool ~!

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  6. cum lar cum lar..i'll welcum u wiv open hands