Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a trip to remember - kl trip wiv arun, yeh, bong, aliff and mei fang (part 2)

guess where are we going for the next station
deng deng deng deng.....we are going to the our very own malaysian pride

twin towers

however, as soon as we reach there, it started to rain cats and dogs.....huhuuu
thus, the photo session at klcc park shall be delayed after we having our lunch in sushi king

btw....sushi king was having a big bowl contests...for contestants who are interested they need to finish a gigantic bowl of ramen in 10 minutes....
(when i said gigantic i really mean it...that bowl was really really huge)
if u can't do it, u nid to pay rm40 for that bowl of mee
if u did finish it in time, well...u no nid to pay for the bowl of ramen u juz eaten
don't think this challenge worth at al lor act~~

however, we got so lucky to be able to witness a guy who willing to take this challenge and won!! wohoo~~ our table clapped so hard after he finish it on time....haha

ok...after lunch....luckily the rain stopped...so we heading to the klcc park to have our photo session...

say cheese~~ lolx

well, din manage to take much photo though coz the rain started to pour again...haiz....bad bad weather~~

KL Tower

it's kinda hard for us to get to KL tower as we get a bit lost in the middle of KL city.
owh...btw...we considered ourself visited the public library as we passing by the building when we were finding our way to the tower.

and finally...we reached our next station...however...haiz~~~
it's quite disappointing as we realized that the price of going up the observation deck was much more expensive than what we had expected
can u imagine that? we need to pay RM38!!!! in order to get up there
ish~ ish~

so, what we do at the end is to take photo at the bottom of the tower

well~ the photo stil look great, rite? ^^

dataran merdeka

our taiko, arun left after we visited kl tower...so the remaining 5 went to our nxt station wiv aliff's bluey~~

frankly speaking, i think i was having the most enjoyable moment at dataran merdeka...i oso dunno y...probably bcoz of the scenery, the cloudy weather, and the wind that makes us so comfortable.

there were so many spots for us to take pictures and the weather were just great!!!

the moment we having there was not something that i can tell u, is something that need to show from our pictures....

*talang*~~ nice rite?

trying to take a pic where al of us jump up in the air....everyone in a getting ready position

well, i failed again~~ din post al of these pic coz i looks sucks....i failed in almost all the shot we were jumping..poor yeh, bong and fang nid to retake the photos again and again due to my failure and pity aliff who was the photographer....lolx

tat's al for now~~ since it's the end of lunch time dy...haha
shall continue with part 3 next time~~

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