Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shopping at Siam area, Bangkok

Just came back from Bangkok last week, and I am so excited to share the experience in Bangkok.
Bangkok is famously known as Shopping Paradise and it certainly worthy of the name.

Staying in Siam area is the wisest decision I have made. All the main shopping malls in Bangkok are located in Siam area and everything is just within walking distance for me.

Right across the street from my hotel, there's the MBK centre, located just next to BTS skytrain, national stadium station. It's basically a bigger, more spacious "Sungei Wang" in Thailand. Good place to shop, I manage to grab 2 bags at 200 baht each there.
The photo says it all

A photo with MBK's tuk tuk
Walk across the pedestrian bridge in front of MBK centre, and it will lead you to Siam Discovery. I basically just walk past Siam Discovery, since there are so much more shopping centre in the area, I figured that I could skip this one.
My cousins and sister, took picture inside of Siam Discovery

Right beside Siam Discovery, is Siam Centre. As I was trying to exit Siam Discovery to go to Siam Centre, we pass by the ticket booth selling the entrance ticket to Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Siam Centre, for youngsters, it's definitely a great place to visit. The whole shopping mall is designed in a way to attract the younger generations, each and every shop has a different design.

One of the themed restaurant in Siam Center, love the design, gearwheel on the ceiling and teddy bears everywhere
The ever changing ceiling - This photo was actually taken few days after 
And right next to Siam Centre, is Siam Paragon, the most high-end shopping mall in Bangkok. Not a good place for me, at least not for me, Prada, Gucci, Hermes are just way out of my affordability. But we did walk around and have some dessert at Ground Floor, where they have the food court and restaurants.
at the entrance of Siam Paragon

Across the street, there is Siam Square, also a good place to shop with a lot of cheap stuff. I found a purse which only cost 100 Baht!!! Amazingly cheap :)
Shopping @ Littlle Siam, Siam Square

Our next stop, Platinum Fashion Mall. This place is quite a distance away from Siam Paragon, so we decided to take skytrain to Chit Lom station and walk back towards Central World Plaza. You will pass by Erawan Shrine, which is most famous and visited Shrine in Bangkok. I'll elaborate more on this in my next post. Once we walked to Central World Plaza, we decided to take tuk tuk instead. Heard a lot of stories about how the tuk tuk driver haggle, but they tried to charge 150 baht for a place which is just down the block. >.<

But it's gonna be just an experience, we promised to ourselves this will be the one and only time we taking tuk tuk. We did took our advantage to take some photos with the tuk tuk.
reach our destinaion - platinum fashion mall

Wholesale shopping!!!! Platinum Fashion Mall is my paradise~~~ we can't help but bought a lot clothes here. In terms of the price, you might be getting cheaper ones in Chatukchak market (at least this is what I think), but the you can get clothes with better quality here.

Finally, at night, we visited Central World Plaza, the largest shopping mall in Bangkok and in South East Asia if I'm not mistaken. It's about 10 minutes walk away from Platinum Fashion Mall. We had our dinner there and visited the famous Naraya outlet. OMG, the shop is full with tourists, so damn crowded but we still stay to grab some as souvenirs. Someone was telling me that the Naraya shop in Central World is the biggest, I couldn't verify that but it's definitely bigger than the one in MBK, in front of Grand Palace and in DMK airport.
Central World at night

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