Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bangkok - Erawan Shrine, Trimurti Shrine and Ganesha Shrine

Thailand is a Buddhist country and really famous for her places for praying and worshiping. There are so many Shrines in the city of Bangkok and I'm going to write about the Shrines that I have visited.

Not to miss, Erawan Shrine.

Erawan Shrine is the most popular Shrine in Bangkok. You can judge it from the crowd and the number of incense sticks used. It was said that the four-faced Brahma God will grant all your wishes. I could not miss the opportunity to pray at Erawan Shrine.

And if your wishes did come true, the people will normally return to Erawan Shrine again to thank the god by hiring a group of performers to perform.

Erawan Shrine - photo shot from Ratchaprasong skywalk

How to get there: Take BTS skytrain to Chit Lom station and walk through Ratchaprasong skywalk towards Central World. Central World should be on your right and Erawan Shrine would be on your left.

Trimurti Shrine, Pray for love.

I came across an article which recommend this place as the place to wish for love. It is extremely crowded on Thursday night 9.30 as the people believed that the God will be at the shrine at the hour. Too bad that my trip in Bangkok is from Friday to Tuesday, I missed the golden opportunity. There are stalls selling roses nearby. From what I noticed, the prayers will bring along roses and pray with 9 incense sticks.

Ganesha Shrine, Pray for success.

Ganesha Shrine is the  perfect place to pray if you wish for a successful career or life. Trimurti Shrine and Ganesha Shrine are located side by side right in front of Central World.
Do drop by when you are visiting Central World.

Left, Trimurti Shrine; Right, Ganesha Shrine

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