Saturday, June 15, 2013

A trip along Chao Phraya river

After visiting Wat Saket, we departed to our next station, which is Khao San Road. Although I read from a few sites that Wat Saket and Khao San Road is within walking distance, I decided to take a cab instead since I didn't manage to get any clear directions on how can I walk to Khao San Road. And I'm glad that I made that decision as the 2 places are not that near to each other after all and the taxi fees is only around 40 baht.

I love Bangkok's taxi because there's no haggling, they follow meter and the price is really cheap compared to tuk tuk, cost saving especially when you were travelling with four people in a group.
So, this is the famous Khao San Road

We shopped around and had our breakfast before departing to Phra Arthit Pier in order to continue our journey to visit all the main attractions along Chao Phraya river. We asked for directions, and were informed that it is really near. But in the end, it is not that near anyway, it took us about 20 minutes to reach there.

Passed by this Starbucks Coffee Shop when I'm on my way from Khao San Road to Phra Arthit Pier
When I was researching for the Chao Phraya tourist boat, it was mentioned that the operating hours for the tourist boat is from 9.30am to 4.30pm. But I found out some good news!!!
They are now operated until 10pm!!! from Phra Arthit Pier all the way to Asiatique pier. But the route to Asiatique Pier only open after 5pm. The fees for the tourist boat is 150 Baht for a day unlimited ride.Ticket can be purchased from Central Pier or Phra Arthit Pier.

See that? Asiatique - Phra Arthit 17:00 to 22:00 hrs 

The guidebook that you will receive after you bought the tourist boat ticket.
p/s: even the guidebook is not updated with the schedule and info to Asiatique yet.

Exhaustive information on the main attractions along Chao Phraya river, including the directions.
Finally get in the tourist boat
The view along Chao Phraya river
First stop, Maharaj Pier, where we disembark to go to the Grand Palace. Once you left the pier, walk staright and you will walk past a market until you see a place surrounded with white wall, the Grand Palace is just inside, so keep walking straight until you reach the main entrance. However, I am the idiot who thought the entrance is on the other side, and I turned right, walked for 15 minutes, and ended up at Wat Pho instead.

Wat Pho is big~~ the reclining buddha is the most famous buddha statue here. The entrance fee is 100 baht and you are entitled for a free bottle of mineral water.
A picture with the reclining buddha

Inside Wat Pho

Afterwards, we get back to Grand Palace. The entrance fee for Grand Palace is 500 baht, which is actually quite pricy for me. But the place is huge~~ too bad that we don't have the time to visit all part of it. Upon entering the Grand Palace, you will be given a travel guide.

The guide that you will receive upon entering the Grand Palace

The map of Grand Palace, provided in the travel guide
Wat Phra Kaew at the back

In front of the Grand Palace

Afterwards, we get to Tha Thien Pier with the Chao Phraya tourist boat. Next stop, Wat Arun. One of the most popular wat in Bangkok. Once you get off the boat, make a u-turn to go to the next ticket counter to buy your ticket to get on the ferry to go to Wat Arun which is just across the river. This will only cost you 4 baht.

It is really fun in Wat Arun, because we decided to challenge ourselves to climb upthe very very very steep staircase. The scary part is actually when you trying to get down from the top. We saw a lot of tourists standing there, hesitating and trying to strategise on how to go down.

Here I am at Wat Arun

I'm loving the building structure

See that? That's me and my cousin.... moving slowly onto the top

Can you understand how steep the staircase is?

Finally, I made it!!! a photo with Chao Phraya river as the background :)

The scary part, how should I get down from here

By the time we left Wat Arun and get back to Tha Tien Pier, it's already 5.30pm. I am so glad that they extend the operating hours of the tourist boat and open the route to Asiatique. So, from Tha Thien Pier, we just sit all the way until we reach Asiatique.

Asiatique is another great place to be visited. I truly loved the place but I'm gonna elaborate more about this place in my next post. Stay tuned :)

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