Saturday, September 8, 2012

A trip to Kaoshiung (高雄)

It's been more than a year since I'm back from Taiwan, but yet, I still haven't finish blogged about the trip. Guess I'm really really lazy...

Just gotta finish what I have already started, so let's continue with the journey to the 2nd largest city in Taiwan - Kaoshiung, which is located at the southern province of Taiwan.

We reached Kaohshiung by train after we get down from A-li shan. 1st thing we do, check in. The B&B that we had arranged is just 5 minutes walk from train station, so it's pretty convenient. I think I miss this part from my previous post, but erm, I did some stupid thing in Taichung, I left my phone there!!!

A million thanks to Stacy and Stanley from WenGoodShop as my parcel safely arrived in Kaohshiung. And thanks to the owner of Dream House (梦想小屋) for keeping that parcel for me.

Da-dang, our room in Dream House, it just cost us NTD1900 for a night. They provided Wii too, how nice is that? ^^

As soon as we dropped our bag, we are off to our 1st destination, Dream Mall (梦时代广场), it's the largest shopping mall in Taiwan if I'm not mistaken. We went there by MRT, KaiXuan station(凯旋站) and take the free shuttle bus from there.

So cute rite the bus? :)

inside the Dream Mall

Me and mei le take a ride on the Ferris wheel which is located at the roof top of the Dream Mall, it's also called as the eye of KaoShiung. It's $150 per entrance.

Next, we took MRT and went to the XiZiWan station (西子湾站), from there, we took bus and finally reach the next tourist spot, Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou. It's more like a museum, but the view there is simply breathtaking, especially during sunset. There's a university nearby too.

Although is in winter, and it's really a very windy nite, still, we decided to try out 阿婆仔冰,which is really famous in KaoShiung. Apparently, it's a really cold night, and we end up to be the only customer in the shop.


We got really tired after travelling for the whole day, so we decided just to grab a cab and headed to our next destination, The Heart of River (爱河之心)

Once you are in KaoShiung, there's one place that you really should drop by to pay a visit, the Formosa Boulevard MRT station (美丽岛站)- the Dome of Light.

The Dome of Light

Afterwards, we visited LiuHe night market (六合夜市)and have spicy steamboat (麻辣火锅) as our dinner.


We stayed in KaoShiung for 2 days 1 night. The next morning, we wake up really early to get to LianChiTan (莲池潭), and the Tiger Dragon tower, you will know why it's named this  way after visited it.

Here we are ~

inside the tower~~

having fun shooting chinese new year MV like photos :)

After this, we took a bus and get off at AoZiDi (凹子底) MRT station. There's a small "flower sea" over here. Can't stop ourselves from taking photos.

i love this place so~~ much  

And this is our last destination visited before get back to Taipei. I still have 1 more post to go for my Taiwan trip, I wonder when I can finish blogging about it...hehe


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