Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simply Beastly

omg~ i juz realized, i've been blogging about movies only~
but, why not? since watching movies is my biggest hobby....wohoo~

well, after coming bek from utp, i am busy planning with my taiwan trip, meanwhile, i oso googling about the upcoming movies next year~

it suddenly crossed my mind, a trailer that i watched in cinema, i am number four, starred by alex pettyfer. hmm...not really interested with the plot of the story but so interested with alex pettyfer, i recognized him when he's starring in wildchild, a very very charming guy :)

alex pettyfer

well, when i wikied about him~ i noticed one movie, called BEASTLY. the plot of this movie totally attracted me, it's like the story of modern day beauty and the beast. haha, i think deep inside of me i'm still the little girl longing for life like fairytale where things ended up happily ever after.... *shy*

so the story goes like this, alex pettyfer is a young, rich, handsome but arrogant guy. so a witch appear, and curse him to become a beast until he found someone who can love him for what he is now~ so, who's the beauty? deng deng deng's vanessa hudgens!!! wohoo~~~ so excited, i'm a really big fan of her, and of course zac efron since i watched HSM.

so, they lived together, and then fall in love with each other~ but something happened, he almost died for vanessa, but at the last minute, vanessa kissed him and finally the spell is over and everyone lived happily ever after ^^

oh, another attraction of this movie is that Barney Stinson is also in this movie, you guys should recognized him if you watched "how i met your mother"

it was scheduled to release last july, but it was clashed with zachy's charlie's st. cloud, so it was being postponed to march 2011...huhuuu...hopefully i was in kl tat time

so here is the official trailer, enjoy :)

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