Monday, December 6, 2010

Narnia review

i've just graduated from utp last week. To have a perfect ending of our 4.5 years as a university student, me and my coursemates decided to have our last outing, the agenda is to watch a movie which i think will be great -- narnia - the voyage of the dawn treader in 3D...we even bought the premiere ticket, which costs RM20 per ticket.
So, that's it, i'm walking in the cinema confidently, happily, expecting it to be great, since i'm a really big fan of the first 2 sequel...

But, i guess, narnia without Peter and Susan, is not "narnia" anymore. the storyline is so plain and dull~kept looking for swords only. i kept anticipating for the climax, but the climax is like zzz~ erghh~~ the visual effect is not even great...haiz~ waste my money nia...

the moment that makes me most excited is when peter came out...but the problem is, he just came out for like 15seconds? huhuuu....

oh...almost forget...there's a new character came out, eustace, a very annoying cousin of the pevensies, but at least he is a spark of the movie, from what happened in the end of the movie, he seems like going to appear in the next few sequels of chronicles of narnia.
Wikied chronicles of narnia just now, huhuu.....the pevensies are not going to be the main characters for the next few sequels anymore...huhuu..going to miss them so so so much~
anyway, it is still a great outing, being able to hang out with arun, aliff, bong, siu ying and yoon yeh. we went to old town for supper and have a chit chat in utp before we bid our goodbye. How i hope wendy, eileen and sumathi were there too~

going to miss u all, hope we can have our next gathering real soon~

love u al :)

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