Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm so TANGLED up!!!!

since the first day i saw the trailer of tangled, i have been wanted to watch this movie. Thanks to aliff, cally, mei le and mei fang for accompanying me to watch this movie. it's have been a really long time since i have the feeling of unreluctant to leave the cinema after watching a movie. Too bad that there wasn't a cinema in my hometown, kelantan. else, i'm going to watch Rapunzel - a tangled tale for the 2nd time for sure.

Totally falling in love with all the characters in this movie. first and foremost, of course - flynn rider. He is just so hilarious and so handsome too. love him so so so much. secondly, of course, the main main character, rapunzel, she is so cute yet beautiful, love her voice too. Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore make a perfect couple for this disney movie. their voice are so charming~~ the songs are incredibly awesome, can't stop playing the soundtrack in my laptop.

also, maximus~ the horse which acts more like a good in tracking flynn, the most wanted thief of the kingdom.

oh, and rapunzel's best friend, a chameleon, it did a great job in waking flynn's up by sticking its tongue to flynn's ear. it has so many expressions which are just so cuutee~~~

don't forget about the thugs too who were in the ducklings. Despite being fierce, they are just a bunch of guys who had their own dreams and they were being really helpful to flynn rider. they sing well too!!! lol

well, being a big fan of tangled, of course i didn't forget to take a pic with the poster. here it is~~
credit to cally's camera ^^

p/s : just finished watching 万千星辉颁奖典礼,totally satisfied with the result. Congratulations to lam fung for winning most favourite male character, and also 黎耀祥 and 邓萃雯 for winning best actor and actress. :)