Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Korea OST Collection

I was once a really huge fan of korean drama. The 1st ever korean drama that i watched is winter sonata. Missed those moments when i watched those dramas with my family. Everyday 7pm, turned on tv, everyone gathered at the living room and watched dramas together.
Nowadays, korean drama didn't attracted me as much as it did. At least, it didn't make me have the eagerness to buy its original vcds or soundtracks. I used to beg my dad to buy me all those original vcds, those that i owned including autumn in my heart, winter sonata, hotelier, all about eve, stairways to heaven......

One thing that makes me really fell in love with korean drama is the OST. The music matched with the story line so well and everytime when i listened back to the music it makes me think back the particular scene of the drama~ that time, i kind of addicted to those music~
that's why, during my high school time, me and my sista will use our savings to buy these drama's OST and keep playing it non-stop while we were studying.

my OST collection (lost 2)

Well, among these OST that i've owned, the drama that i like the most would be sorry, i love you. Recently, i watched sorry, i love you again, crying non-stop, really is the best drama ever. Love Soh Ji Sup so soooo much..... Amont these OST, i know most ppl never watch green rose, but it is a great drama too, the main hero was being accused for murdered the heroin's father, so the story is al about how he tried to prove himself innocent and take revenge.

The OST i love the most, of course is winter sonata, but too bad, i can't find the CDs, dunno where i've kept it, but luckily i already ripped the music into my laptop. besides winter sonata, i also lost another soundtrack, memories in bali~ so sad :(

When buying these OSTs, it usually attached with a small book which contains the lyrics of the songs, but too bad it's in korean, but still feel nice to be able to look at those beautiful pictures.

Well, the OST which has the most beautiful package, of course is Princess Hours. love the song, especially perhaps love ~ suddenly feels like wanna watch the drama again~ miss the cute yoon eun hye~ ^^

that's all for now~ going to spend my time looking for the missing 2 soundtracks tonight...huhuuu...hopefully can find it!!!