Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maeklong Railway Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Elephant Camp

Follow up with my previous post on my experience with Bangkok Beyond Car Rental Service, we hired their service to bring us to the famous Maeklong Railway Market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market as well as the Damnoen Saduak Elephant Camp.

Maeklong Railway Market
One thing about visiting the railway market, you don't want to miss the train for the world. According to our driver, he said the normal schedule for the train to pass by the railway market is 8.30am. However, the train in has never been on time. So, the driver came and pick us up at 6.30am. We reach there after 1 hour ride, we got lucky that the traffic was not bad at all~

So, here we are in the Maeklong. Nothing much to see actually, all we were doing was taking photos and waiting for the train to come.


The market become more and more crowded when it's approaching 8.30am

Finally, here comes the train at 9am.....

Finally, here comes the train~ after 1.5 hours wait :)
Fascinating, I wonder if we can experience this in any other country. It's so amazing that how the locals keep all their stuff right before the train came and rearrange it right after the train pass by

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

A must-go tourist spot in Bangkok...

wohoo~~ starting our boat ride :)

the price of the stuff along the "river" were all hiked up, it's really not wise to get any souvenir there. But you can try out the food there, I found that it's quite interesting to have food inside a boat, I tried the mango pulut, coconut drink, pad thai, as well as soup kuey teow (can't recall the name in thai), they pass you the bowl to eat inside the boat, and after you finish, the boat driver will bring you back to the same place to return the bowl, I was wondering how they gonna collect the bowl from us earlier... haha

jam in a "river"

very expensive~~

nyum nyum~

After the trip, we take a walk around the Damnoen Saduak market, and we found this place called Paew's Souvenir, everything here is fixed price, it basically has everything that you have seen from everywhere around Bangkok. The price is very very cheap, when we compared the items to what we have bought before at other tourist spots, only we realized the real price of the souvenirs.

Definitely the best and highly recommended place to buy souvenirs.

Damnoen Saduak elephant camp

wohoo~~ my first ever elephant ride

jungle trekking ?? :D

The elephant rider suddenly brought up a box, trying to convince us to buy some souvenirs from him. According to him, he need some extra money to feed the elephants... sigh~ he make this pity face which made me and my sister can't resist but buy a bracelet from him at 300baht... But I really like the bracelet though... hehe

We took another 2 hours to get back to Bangkok due to the bad traffic, really thanks to our driver for his service all day long :)

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