Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chinatown @ Bangkok

Right after visiting Terminal 21, we head over to Hua lampong station through Metro in order to get to Chinatown (Thanon Yaowarat).

@ Asok metro station
I thought that I could get there by walking, but figured that it would be a bit dangerous to walk at night. We plan to get there by taxi but too bad we din manage to grab one. So, we end up to get on a tuk tuk who plan to charge us for 100 baht for the trip, which is clearly overpriced. But we have to accept it since we were all famished.

On our way, the tuk tuk tried to convince us that Chinatown is not opened and want us to go to another night market instead!!! This is the 2nd time in Bangkok that someone tried to trick us that some popular tourist spot did not open. The driver keep telling us that chinatown is not opened on Sunday. And we were almost fooled as along the way, all the shops were closed, I really thought I did not do enough research and Chinatown is really closed.

 He stopped a distance away from Chinatown and claimed that we were already there. We almost asked him to turn around but luckily I managed to spot Chinatown from far and insist that we will walk there.

Finally~ Chinatown!!!

Anyway, the main purpose for me to be here, no other than having dinner at T&K Seafood restaurant. The place is so crowded. You need to get a number and wait for your table. We waited for like half an hour. Anyway, it's so easy to order food over there as the staff can speak mandarin and a little bit english too.

Full house~~
T&K Seafood, the menu~
Menu, written in 3 languages
Fried chicken for my sister

forgot what fish is this, recommended by the staff there, yummy~

Curry Prawn, I wish it could be spicy

The food there is really delicious and more importantly, cheap!!! All of these with drinks and white rice only cost us 1000 baht!! Totally love it.

After that, we went for massage!!! oh my god, I miss my life there. We went to this place called Dr.Reflexology which is just opposite side of the restaurant.

Enjoying the foot massage :)
We left chinatown around 10.30pm and grab a taxi to get back to the metro station. It only costs us 40baht, was cheated by the tuk tuk driver :(


  1. Hi cloudee, I be going Bangkok in a few months time. Is DR reflexology foot massage good? May I know the pricing for an hour foot massage? Do they speak simple English because I be going with my 7 years old daughter who tried foot massage once in Malaysia & she loves it so much. I need to tell them to do a gentle one for her. Lastly, do I need to tip them? Look forward to hear from you. Thank you.

  2. Hi owk, the service is quite good, there's only 1 or 2 staff there who can speak simple english, so there might be some communication problem, maybe some body language might help...

    Sorry that i lost track of the pricing of their service, but tipping is just an optional act.