Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spring @ Jeju-do Part 1

Visited Korea earlier this year, never had the time to blog about it, suddenly feels like sharing my tour to one of the most beautiful island in the world, Jeju Island, it has been selected as the 7 wonders of the world.

We hired Mr. Won's service as our tour guide around Jeju island. Excellent service I would say, he was highly recommended by a lot of bloggers or trip reviewers when we were doing some research on tour guide service in Jeju. He can speak english, mandarin and japanese. He is a very friendly person and we really enjoyed our time in Jeju with him.

Mr. Won's contact number, he can also be contacted through whatsapp, kakaotalk or viber

I love flowers, Sakura everywhere~ It's Spring!!!
Mr. Won purposely brought us to this university to take photos with sakura trees~~

Sakura trees all along the road, such a beautiful view
Canola flowers

Beautiful canola flowers are just everywhere

 Teddy Bear Museum - A great place to visit if you are a teddy bear fans

Teddy bear band~

Teddy bears from all around the world

Teddy bear miniatures

Trick Art Museum - Camera click click click~~~

somebody save me please~~~

I'm a giant bitch... LOL

Lunch of the day - Abalone Porridge and Fried Fish 

Thanks Mr. Won for recommeding this place to us, the food is awesome!!!!!
Jusangcheolli Cliffs - Overcrowded with tourists (Admission Fee - 2000 won)

Amazing right? But the place was overcrowded when we were there, didn't even manage to pose with the view
Secret Garden Filming Spot (Free admission)

It's the place they filmed secret garden!!! Can't recall what's the name of the hotel, it was not in our plan, but it was really near to Jusangcheolli cliff, Mr. Won told us about this place so we decided to drop by :)

It's the bench that they kissed!!!
Jeongbang Falls - Waterfall that falls directly into sea (Admission Fees - 2000 won)

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall - Breathtaking scenery (Admission Fees - 2000 won)

Amazing views, while we are on our way walking towards the waterfall

That's a wrap for Day 1!!!!

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