Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bangkok Beyond Car Rental Service

Just to blog a little bit on my experience of using Bangkok Beyond car rental service, as per promised.
Maeklong railway market, damnoen saduak floating market is actually quite far from the bangkok city. With the congested traffic, i really do not want to take my chance of taking public transport to get there. I figured it's going to take forever.

So, I've been researching on the available car rental service in Bangkok. Bangkok Beyond quoted 3950 baht for our day trip to railway market, floating market and also to the elephant camp. We think that the price is quite reasonable after doing some comparison. We chose Bangkok Beyond in the end as they are able to provide discounted fares for our boat ride in floating market as well as elephant ride. 

For boat ride, it's 800 baht per boat (6-person boat), and 500 baht per person for the elephant ride. Just some extra information, while i researching, quotation that I get for boat ride, it goes from as low as 400 baht per boat up to 650 baht per person!!! So, a tip, just keep asking around for quotation until you found the best option.

Anyway, our driver provided a really good service. He showed up on time, being really patient with us who spend a lot of time shopping. He even bought water and some little snacks for us along the way.

The whole trip starts from 6.30am until 3pm in the afternoon.. I would rate 5 out of 5 for the service provided.

For those who interested for the service, you may visit their website for more details:


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