Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shopping Heaven - Chatuchak Weekend Market

It's the third day of our trip. And we are heading to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market!!! As per the name indicated, it's a weekend market, so it's only opened on Saturday and Sunday. From the info I read from some websites, it was opened on Friday as well, just that not that many stalls/stores are opened.

So, we departed from our hotel, take the BTS skytrain to Mo Chit station. To get to Chatuchak market, you can get off at skytrain Mo Chit station or Kamphaeng Phaet station exit 1 & 2 through MRT.
departing to Chatuchak market
The Chatuchak market is huge, really huge as I was told. Therefore, after we reach Mo Chit station, we took a short walk to Chatuchak Park MRT station in order to get to Kamphaeng Phaet station instead. There's an tourist information centre in Kamphaeng Phaet station in which you can get a copy of Chatuchak map, which come in handful later when we start to shop in the market.

A shopping street inside Kamphaeng Phaet station

The market is divided into sections and you may find out what does each section selling from the map. If you get down from Kamphaeng Phaet station, you will found yourselves at section 1.

The Chatuchak Map

Must try in Chatuchak :)

Mango Sticky Rice
My all-time favourite - Coconut ice cream (selling at $30 baht only)

We gone crazy here
Having my lunch~ Rest is to prepare for a longer journey :)

We were there since 10am, I guess what time left? 4pm!!! We stayed there for 6 hours and only managed to walk from section 1 to section 8. That's only about a quarter of the whole chatuchak market.

It's time to leave T_T
Finally, we get out from section 8, which is about 10 minutes walk to Mo Chit skytrain station.

Look at all the stuff that I have bought 

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