Sunday, July 3, 2011

My shopping items

Was spending a lot recently, but I wasn't regret. Gonna show you all what I've bought during the last weekend.

1. A Hairband @ RM19

2. Cybercolors Translucent Finishing Powder @RM53

3. A pair of shoes from Vincci @RM72

4. Bobbi Brown Touch Up Stick @RM95
5. My most favourite one -- Eason's DUO Concert Ticket @RM231

Now, I just can't wait for 6th of August ^^

Additional item:

Just bought an air ticket from kota bharu to kuala lumpur for raya, and it cost me another RM175 :(


  1. OMG, I bought the exact pair of heels of yours few weeks ago! Not gonna freak out but yeah, that heels are SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME KAY =D

  2. @peacemusicbabe : hi5!!! yeah~~ the heels are awesome!!! :)