Friday, March 25, 2011

Snowflakes after World Invasion

So, i was in kl few days back. 1 thing that i must do when i go to kl is to watch a movie since there is no cinema in my hometown. Both of us decided to watch World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles. I guess many of you already watch this movie. For those who haven't, I would recommend you to watch it.

The story is about the Marine Staff Seargeant (aaron eckhart) who just had his retirement plan approved were being asked to go back to line of duty to assist the liutenant and his platoon as they fight to reclaim los angeles from the invasion of aliens.

The story line is great, all the characters are likeable. It was very touching to see the marines worked together to save our world and some of them sacrifice themselves. I can't stop crying towards the later part of the movie. For sentimental people, better get your tissue prepared before entering the cinema.

after the movie, me and my sister head over to try out the snowflakes. Many of my friends had been recommending it to me. We ordered the snow flakes best seller.

While we were waiting for it to be ready, we had been given this thingy. The lights will be on when the food we ordered was served. I found it really interesting :)

Here comes the dessert we ordered. Yummy yummy!!! love it very much :)