Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1 day trip in Taichung

Continue to blog about my taiwan trip. So, on the 1st day of 2011, we were leaving taipei and going to taichung. We went there by using high speed rail, which costs NTD700 per person and it took approximately an hour in order to reach the destination.

inside of the high speed rail, busy checking our taichung itinerary

One thing I really like about the taichung high speed
rail station, there are free shuttle buses. We get on the bus to go to the Feng Jia area, the place where our pre-booked B&B -- Wengoodshop located. One of the owner, Stanley waited us at the bus stop and guide us to the place we stay. And I am the lucky one among my friends as Stanley was giving me a ride using his scooter (小绵羊), to the location of Wengoodshop. wohoo~ so excited, i think this is only the 3rd time i ever hopped on to a motorbike. :)

There's a lot of traveller's information provided too inside this place. Stanley really gave us a lot of advice about how to go around Taichung. A million thanks to Stacy and Stanley for their hospitality.

Wengoodshop, nice and lovely and cheap :)

Our first stop -- eat dumplings. This shop is just 2 minutes walk away from the place we stay. It is super delicious and super duper cheap.

Ji Feng dumplings (吉蜂蒸饺), must try, very delicious and super cheap, can you belive that 4 buckets of these only costs NTD 100, just approximately RM10!!!

Next, we took a taxi to the Dong Hai University(东海大学) since we were lazy to wait for bus, hehe... Dong Hai University was being known as the most beautiful university in taiwan, maybe because of the landscape or the tree-shaded pavements. But one thing you must visit when you were in Dong Hai University, the Luce Chapel, which is one of the most remarkable structure in Taichung.

we were at Dong Hai University

me in front of Luce Chapel.

inside Dong Hai university

After that, we move on to the Dong Hai International Art Street (东海国际艺术街) , well, we seriously thought that this place is definitely within a walkable distance from Dong Hai University. But, we were wrong. In the end it took us more than 30 minutes to reach there. We might as well wait for bus, sigh~

view of taichung city, took it on our way to the international art street

the beautiful Dong Hai International Art Street (东海国际艺术街)

forgot its name, but its really really delicious

our next station is Jing Ming 1st Street(精明一街), we took a bus from the international art street and get off at the Zhong Ming elementary school (忠明国小站). This place is a europen style-like street.

the view at Jing Ming 1st Street

a chrismas tree we found inside the street, totally made of KFC spoon, WOW!!!

One thing that we must not miss when i taichung, the fengjia night market. It is the biggest night market in taiwan. As we had been advised by Stanley that even one whole night isn't enough for
visiting the whole market, so after visiting the jingming 1st street, we going back to the Fengjia area.

This place is so so huge, and so so so crowded. We didn't took much picture inside because it's too crowded that makes me unwilling to take out my camera. Thanks to the map provided by Wengoodshop, since all the must-try food had been marked, i guess we had tried many of the most delicious food in the night market. :)

the fried maggi (炒泡面), queued for 30mins for it, something similar with maggi goreng but the most delicious version i ever ate.

this is called 冰棍, one of our most favourite food of the night, bought the 2nd one right after we finish the 1st. See the plastic paper around it? it's eat-able :)

passed by the Feng Jia University

Stinky tofu (臭豆腐)

Papaya milk (木瓜牛奶) recommended by 食尚玩家 :)


  1. read all ur taiwan post. interest to go thr too. u went thr with AIR ASIA ?? hw much did u bought the air tix?

  2. Lovely scenery and gorgeous food looks like from the pics.

  3. thanks guys~ :)

    @gni.reyhs : yup, airasia. we didn't bot the air tix during promo, so it costs me almost RM900 for roundtrip, but if promo tic, you can get it for RM400++ ^^

  4. Loooks like a really nice and peaceful place

  5. oh.. did u go to Shilin Night market ? hw was the place ? recommended for homestay or hotel? :)

  6. hey gni.reyhs, yes, i did but hvn't blog about it yet...hehe

    Shilin is nice, but for me, fengjia is definitely better, but i enjoy shopping in the shilin fashion street.

    you want to stay nearby shilin night market? i dunno much about that area but generally i would recommend homestay cause its normally cheaper. if you plan to stay near 101, there's one place i would like to recommend. :)

  7. what a place to be. so many sights to see.

  8. do you try the Stinky tofu (臭豆腐)? :D

  9. OMG OMG OMG Taiwan T_T~~~~~ I miss it

  10. i would really want to visit taiwan someday! :)
    ur taipei posts are very interesting!

  11. hi cloudee. i'm planning to visit taichung for 2 days. do u've any recommendation of places for me to visit? and.. d nearby homestay too =P thanks!!!

  12. Seem like you have done lot of research before going there.

    1. @Jobless Girl, hey there, yeah... i did :)1 day is definitely not enough to visit the whole TaiChung