Friday, March 4, 2011

My first movie in GSC MAXX -- The Adjustment Bureau

Went to Times Square yesterday with my sister. We wanted to watch a movie but couldn't decide between I am Number Four or The Adjustment Bureau. After watching the trailer, apparently, The Adjustment Bureau is much more interesting to us. Plus, this movie is in 2D.

going to watch The Adjustment Bureau :)

So, we bought our ticket and when we about to enter the cinema, we took out the ticket to make sure which hall we are going to enter. And then we saw this ...

MAX? What's that?

After asking the staff, we only knew that it is located on the 10th floor. As soon as we entered the cinema theater, HOLY!!! WOW!!! These are the the words that coming out from our mouth. We were stunned at the entrance looking at this theater. Why? Because it is freaking damn huge!!! the largest cinema theater I had ever seen!!!

super duper huge~~

in fact, it's the largest digital hall in malaysia

And our seat is the one furthest away from the screen, and we need to climb our way up in order to find our seat.

Talking about the movie, The Adjustment Bureau is starred by Matt Damon who is a politician in this movie. He falls in love with a ballerina, starred by Emily Blunt. However, some people are trying to keep them apart. These people are the agents of Fate, they have every human's fate set. According to their so called "plan", both of them aren't meant to be together. So, the movie is all about how Matt Damon trying to fight the fate to be together with her.

All in all, this is a very nice movie until the very last minute. The ending was really lame. But, I guess I can get over it as I am watching it in the largest digital hall in Malaysia. :)
I would rate it an 8 out of 10.

Next time, if I were to go to watch a 2D or 3D movie, definitely would choose GSC MAXX. :)


  1. Hi..

    8 out of 10..
    maybe I gonna watch that movie..


  2. hey nice showm, i wanted to watch this but no time yet^^

  3. OOOOO.....It reminds me alot of IMAX in Sydney.. Their theater was about 4 storeys high!

  4. so nice...huhu! but i cannot do that
    must save money!

  5. my godness, that theater is seriously huge. btw, I never heard before there's a MAX theater, did they charge you extra?

  6. thats huge..!! timesquare KL??.. i wanna try it out some day... =]

  7. the last time I went to Max it was still known as i-Max. I missed Max, missed their really big @$$ screen!

  8. hey guys~

    i don't think there's an extra charge, just normal 2D or 3D movie price, i think it only shows 2D and 3D movies too...

    yup, it's at times square, 10th floor :)

  9. visit from innit :)

    hope next time i got chance to visit GSC MAX too :D

  10. that's awesome, U made me want to watch that moowieee!

  11. Hi,

    Was it better than the Bourne series?

    I have not watched it yet...