Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm on newspaper!!!

I was featured in the YouthSays section of New Strait Times on 13th March 2011! wohoo~ Thanks to hui san who happened to spot me on the newspaper. If not because of her I will never know about this :)

I know that I seems to be a bit overexcited and a bit braggy to be blogging about this since it is only a very very small of me on the newspaper. Anyway, how often will i have the chance to be appear on newspaper? LOL

Here's the YouthSays section. I'm the 2nd from bottom.
Q : In some Western countries, it is legal to own a gun for security reasons. Do you think it should be the same in Malaysia?

Here's my answer. Thanks to NST who helped to improvise my sentence :)

The reason why I was able to participate in this survey is because I had joined is a community of Malaysians who share campaign messages on social media and get rewarded with cash, points and prizes. Cash will also be rewarded for participating in survey. This is the reason why I had taken the NST YouthSays survey. :)

For those who are interested in joining, click here.


  1. wow cool! gon' join soon, my friends say its good too :D

  2. yaloo..guns will sure be abused one..

  3. Thanks for sharing! I also want to join :)

  4. i appeared on press once which is because recommend my blog lah! so proud loh! hahahhaaa...