Saturday, February 12, 2011

a must visit in taiwan -- yehliu & jiufen (野柳 & 九份)

for me, yehliu and jiufen are definitely some of the must visit places in taiwan. The scenery at these 2 places are just breathtaking. that's why it makes my day 3 in taiwan one of my most enjoyable and memorable journey.

have you ever watched the famous korean drama "ON AIR" starred by park yong ha, song yun ah and kim ha neul? this drama are being filmed at these 2 places too :)

however, this trip doesn't start really well as we got lost in taipei main station. this is the 1st time i realize that taipei main station is really huge, we walk towards the intercity bus station, and then only realize that to take bus to yehliu, we need to walk towards another building. An advice to the future yehliu visitors, remember to ask the locals, "where to take bus to yehliu?", but not "where is the bus station?"

finally, we bought our ticket and waiting in line for bus. In front of us, there are 4 Thais waiting together with us. Since the bus haven't come, my friend went to the washroom. At this time, the bus came, the driver came down from the bus, standing in front of us. we thought he will wait for us since only 1 person get on the bus. but then, he just get on the bus and drove away like that! OMG!!!

bus ticket to yehliu, NTD96

when I chat with the Thais, then only they tell us, this is the 2nd time they missed the bus, the 1st time, one of their friend went to the washroom, and this time, their friend went to buy some water, well, at least we learned a lesson, get on the bus as soon as the bus came. Luckily, the next bus came within 15 minutes.

finally, we reach yehliu!!!

this is where we get off the bus.

we pass by a harbour, take few photos there. as we walk further in, it's getting strange cause along our way there's nobody there, and finally, we reach a dead end. the conclusion is we got lost again!!! the yehliu geopark(野柳地质公园) is on the other side, haiz~~

we walk along this harbour, and finally get lost :(

here we are, finally!!!

it takes us so long in order to reach here, but the scenery here is so preettyyy~~ and the entrance fee is only NTD50. however, it's really cold over here as it is very windy. it's hard for me to take a proper photo as my hair was getting really messy >.<

each of this rock has it's own name, we are not allowed to touch the rock, there will be a guy keep "beep-ing" you if you did so

this is the queen head, we need to queue in order take photo with it

our next stop after yehliu -- jiufen(九份)!!!
to go to jiufen from yehliu, go back to the place where you get off from the bus just now, but the opposite side of the road. wait for bus that will go to kee lung(基隆), then from kee lung, take another bus to go to jiufen.

jiufen old street

inside jiufen old street

the overview of jiufen

there are lots of nice food in jiu fen, let's see what we've eaten.


we queue for half an hour in order to get this sausage, super damn nice



醉鸡,don't really like it, cause it is icy cold


from jiu fen, you may take a direct bus back to taipei. the journey will take about an hour and the bus will stop at zhong xiao dong lu(忠孝东路)

since we already there, we might as well have a walk.

in front of SOGO

these little guys will come out every 1 hour, we got lucky as we reach there 7pm sharp :)


  1. I like 醉鸡 leh...kinda unique!

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for the details about how to go from Yehliu to Jiufen!
    Do you also know how to go from Jiufen to Hualien?
    Thank you,