Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing Race 18 : Unfinished Business

they are all back :)

This season of amazing race is an all star season. Can't wait to watch it, many of my favourite teams were in. Teams that I really dislike are those who were from season 14 except Mel & Mike.

Jet & Cord is definitely the team that I root for this season. I was reviewing TAR season 16 few ways back, it kind of like refreshing my memories about how nice the cowboys were. Really sad that they lost it last time. Definitely want them to make it to the final three this time.

Jet & Cord

*Contains Spoilers*

Thanks to yoon yeh who reminded me that I can actually watch The Amazing Race from AXN. So here I go, standby in front of the TV waiting for the show to start. Like the fact that this season, the team were not just running towards their bags to get the clue, instead, they need to solve a clue given by Phil. So glad that my favourite teams were in the top 8, which means they can take a 1.5 hours earlier flight. The last 3 teams, kesha & jen, gary & mallory, kris & amanda will take the later flight and as the last team, kris & amanda will later face a double u-turn.

seriously, luck is almost everything in this race, there's a medical emergency in the first flight to sydney, which means, the later flight actually landed earlier than the first flight. Was hoping that the cowboys could catch up, but -- nothing is right when the luck is not with you. They miss the subway, then miss the ferry to go to the destination which they need to perform their task.

So, their first task in sydney is actually a road block. The person need to get into an huge aquarium with sharks to retrieve a compass and then use the compass to decipher a sentence. Before Jet & Cord reach, some of the other teams already working together to solve this thing. I feel a little bit unfair because there are some of the teams just listen to others' answers.

Congrats to Gary & Mallory who gets to the pit stop first and get an express pass :) , however this is not really a pit stop as the race still continues. As every team had reached the pit stop, you can see that jet & cord still having a really hard time solving the puzzle. Wish they had been working with Kynt & Vyxsin. :(

Thanks to bootsycolumbia who replied my comment in, it really makes me feel better

Hopefully the cowboys can catch up with the other teams next week, wondering if I will still be eager in watching amazing race 18 if they were out.


  1. the first episode definitely made my heart skip a few beats: Kris & Amanda got double Uturn (what made them lose last time), and the cowboys were last..

    was so hoping that K&A could get the express pass to cancel out one of their detour :(

    this season is very interesting anyway, very strong and experienced all the teams are.

  2. Wow wow~! I like the cowboys too~! But me like the activities they are doing~! Me wanna do what they are doing too~! Hohoho~!