Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's the end of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is indeed a really really big festival for a chinese. Today is Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the CNY festival, i'll just sum up what I have did for these 15 days.

it's CNY, of coz need to take a picture with my new clothes...haha

It's been a while since I was able to spend the whole 15 days of CNY with my family. The last time is during 2006 when i was waiting for SPM result.

1st day(初一), the most important day, of course need to spend it with family.

our steamboat feast

2nd day (初二), it's time to visit friends(拜年), too bad, this year a lot of people can't make it and there are only 5 of us joining. But still, we were having a really great time.

friends :)

3rd day(初三), meeting our one and only che zai who was unable to join us the day before, was having a yum cha session in kb town area. Such a coincidence to be able to meet cai shan, pei ling and jie shu, really long time no see :) . Too bad that we didn't take any picture that day.

4th day (初四), everyone is leaving kay bee, sob sob :(

7th day (初七), it's a birthday for everyone, went lou shang.

15th day, chap goh meh, my sis return to kay bee and she's going to have a really long holiday this time, yippy!! Thanks to my aunt who bought us a secret recipe cake today, yummy~
white chocolate cheese cake, love it

that's all for my CNY celebration, a bit boring, but the most important thing is to be able to meet all our family members and friends who I have not seen in a while.

Hope to meet you guys again real soon, miss u all :)

sistas :)


  1. min min ur cny clothes very very very nice eh~~~~~ korean style ^^

  2. ha ha! we rock malaysia with korean style this year!

  3. Looks like u had a complete CNY! Happy CNY!

  4. I wish I had nice legs such as yours. Hope u had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones! =)