Thursday, January 1, 2015

Purchase the right beauty product to avoid beauty mistake

It is fair to say that makeup is every woman’s best friend, it helps to create self satisfaction which makes you feel pretty and confident whether when you go out for a date or for an interview. 

I'm sharing this because I had learnt it the hard way that it is important to keep your makeup "modest" or else it could be your worst nightmare. You never realize how bad it looks until you became everyone's teatime topic.

These are some of the BIG beauty mistakes that I would like to share to all the ladies:

1. Lipstick as Blusher

Blusher is important to give you a lively feel. However, never ever apply as the substitute for blusher even if you are running out of blusher, unless you are attending a dress up party acting as a clown. The greasy characteristic of lipsticks are just not made to applied on the cheeks.

Probably wont look that bad when you apply lipstick as blusher while wearing korea traditional clothes?

2. The Wrong Foundation

By having a pimple prone and oily skin, I have always been careful in selecting the rightful foundation and concealer for myself. Not only that it shouldn't clog pores, it should always match my current skin tone. Applying the wrong foundation colour on your face will definitely fail the makeup look you looking for, either its too chalky or you are going to have a chocolate face. A wrong foundation is very noticeable as people will notice the difference of the tone from your face, neck and hands.

An old photo of mine - definitely chose the wrong foundation, my face look extremely chalky

3. Bottom Fake Eyelashes

Everyone wants to have long, naturally beautiful eyelashes. By wearing fake eyelashes sometimes is more efficient than applying mascara. However, a pair of fake upper lashes is enough. Bottom fake eyelashes are for the anime character. In real life,it will just make your eyes look crowded ad hides the colour of your eyes. My advice is just stick to the upper lashes and select the nice length which fits you.

With both upper and lower eyelashes... scary right?
With only upper lashes, i feel beautiful :)

I used to go to drug store to pick up my beauty stuff after trying it. But considering the hygiene issue of trying to shared product, I have stopped doing that. Instead, I am more towards online shopping nowadays. With my recent visit to ZALORA online store, I realised that ZALORA offers great deals for beauty products for women. This is definitely going to be my new favourite online store to shop for my beauty necessities while practicing good beauty practice with the new makeup items.

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