Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Best of Sydney - Day 2

Best day in Sydney!!!Why? Because Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are right in front of my eyes. No wonder Sydney Opera House was voted as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the building itself is an art, you just don't get bored staring at it all day. Please be prepared that you will be bombarded with the photos of me with opera house.

For the whole day, we were just hanging around Circular Quay around. Let me just summarize our itinerary for the day.

1. Kings Cross - Circular Quay
    How to get there :
    a. By train: Kings Cross station to Circular Quay station
    b. By bus: Kings Cross Bayswater Rd to Phillip St (we opt for this one since the train was under maintenance)

My first look at Sydney Opera House from Circular Quay :)

2. Circular Quay - The Rocks
    How to get there : 10 mins walking distance
    Brunch @ Pancake On the Rocks
Great food - from top Pancakes, Pork ribs, Pizza, Crepes and Mocha :D

3. Shopping at The Rocks Market
    Great place for windows shopping. Did buy some magnets for souvenirs though.

The Rocks :)

4. The Rocks - Pylon Lookout Point on Harbour Bridge
    How to get there: 15-20 mins walking distance via Bridge Stairs,
    Entrance fee: $13 for adult

Along the way - Sydney Opera House from the bridge stairs
Love the sky and the sea~ believe, this photo is totally unedited (view from Pylon Lookout)

From Pylon Lookout :)
Prepare to climb up 200-step staircases. Personally do not think that going up pylon lookout point is a must, since you can get a great view from the harbour bridge, right in front of the entrance of the Pylon Lookout (and it's free).

5. Pylon Lookout - Oz Jet Boating
    How to get there: 20-25 mins walking distance to Circular Quay
    Fare: $75 (We manage to get discounted price at $38 through groupon :D )
Great experience. Thrilling 30 mins ride with astonishing view of opera house, harbour bridge and royal botanic garden. We got all wet after the ride. Prepare yourselves with towels and spare clothes.

6. Royal Botanic Garden (To Mrs Macquarie's Chair, get the best view of Sydney)
    How to get there: 10 mins walking distance to reach the garden, another 30 mins walk to get to the scenic spot

On our way to royal botanic garden (you can notice my clothes are wet after the jet boating ride :P)

Picnic-ing at royal botanic garden
Hiding from the rain @ Royal Botanic Garden

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House from Mrs Macquarie's Chair
The picture will be 100x more beautiful if it has not been raining :(
On the way to Sydney Opera House

7. Sydney Opera House

Night view of Sydney Opera House
View of Harbour Bridge from Opera House

And finally, we are heading back to Kings Cross, by taking bus no. 32x from Alfred St, Circular Quay. I love Sydney!!!

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