Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I've Done during Weekends

It's been quite a long time since the last time i updated my blog.
This is going to be a short post describing what I have done for the past few weekends.

Kelantan trip - me and aliff bring bong around tumpat visiting the temples

really like these two pictures of mine :P

have a friday night out with cally, mildred, jason and bong. We watched fast and furious 5 together.

Didn't forget to take a group shot before we left with cally's beloved harrod's giant bear :)

Went to jming's house in malacca. So glad to be able to meet all the old friends. Reminds me of days in UTP. :)
p/s: thanks jming for the invitation

Hehe, one of my most favourite activity, sing k!!! so happy got the chance to sing k together with xuan hui~ although there's only 2 of us, but i'm having fun :)

me and xuan hui~

our drinks - summer punch and grape shot (just simply wanna post it nia...haha)

We were so excited to realize that red box actually have "this man" by Hyun Bin. Totally love this song after watched secret garden.

That's all from me, gonna meet wendy tomorrow, going to update about it in my next post :)

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