Sunday, May 29, 2011

KLCC - Bukit Bintang - Mid Valley

Was having a really enjoying sunday last week with wendy, mei le, mei fang and yoon yeh. Wendy, you really should come to kl more often so that we can have more gathering.

So the day starts when all of us meet up in klcc to go for the ITEX exhibition, where both yoon yeh and chin leong participated. Congrates to both of them who had won a silver medal each of their project.

Before left klcc, wendy finally get to buy the macaroons that she had been longing for in harrods.
Thanks to wendy, it's my first time to be able to taste a macaroon. :)


Next station, we went to bukit bintang. We had our lunch at a korean restaurant in times square, called sopoong. I ordered ramyun and kimbap. For me, the food is ok~ however, the waiter is really polite and kind, like their service. :)

my lunch

After that, we went to sungei wang. We bumped into 郁可唯. Well, I don't know about her, but I heard she's the one singing the song in 犀利人妻. (actually, i didn't watch this drama either.)
Anyway, I took a picture of her anyway.


Really thanks to a yeh who bring us from klcc to bukit bintang and all the way to mid valley. Other wise, I think we gonna be totally exhausted go from one place to another using public transport.

Too bad that a yeh didn't join us in mid valley. We were having a great time taking pictures there with the pirates of Caribbeans exhibition.

what represents pirates of Caribbeans the most? of course the treasure and the ship

taking photos with the treasures

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