Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reasons to watch Secret Garden

it has been a really long time since i was so addicted to a korea drama. Yes, I'm a big fan of boys over flowers, you're beautiful.... but secret garden, it makes me unwilling to leave my laptop since i watched the 1st episode, and i managed to finish 18 episodes within 2 days and without skipping any part of it (not even 1 second). luckily i just realized about this drama when it's showing 17th episodes, can't imagine how i'm going to suffer if i need to wait for 2 episodes each week.

when i first looked at this wallpaper, i tot it's going to be a funny drama since it's going to be about a guy and a girl exchange their soul. Yet, it is such a romantic drama (as romantic as winter sonata). it's been a really long time since korea produced this kind of drama.

Reasons to watch secret garden :
1. Casting - Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun, names that korean addicts should be familiar with, the main reason that attracted me to start watching this drama.

2. Characters -
Kim Joo Won, a rich, handsome, arrogant, but childish guy, who doesn't understand why he will fall in love with a stunt woman, Gil Ra Im and gradually deeply falling in love with Ra Im and willing to give up everything for her.

Gil Ra Im - stunt woman, have great passion in her job and suffer a lot because of her love towards Joo Won.
The exchanges of their soul actually make their bond of love grow stronger.

OSKA - Joo Won's cousin, Ra Im's idol, he creates a lot of fun scenes in this drama. A top star whose talent is not so "top", a casanova, and always being threatened by Joo won. He owned a very touching love story with yoon seul, who attended matchmaking session with joo won.

another 2 characters that i love the most will be the cute secretary kim and ra im's best friend, ah young. both of them made a lovely couple.
i guess the most pitiful person in this drama will be director Im. He loves Ra Im for such a long time but Ra Im never noticed and now, the only person that she loved would be joo won.

3. OST
the OST is superb!!! every single song in it is so nice that they keep looping in my mp3. My most favourite song will be baek ji young's that woman. you may recognize her as she had played a cameo character in episode 13, the gal who was dancing to gether with OSKA. the male version of this song, that man, was sung by Hyun Bin too. never thought that his voice could be that nice too :)
the background music also match the story extremely well,
oh god, how can i not addicted to this drama?

4. Scenery
the scenery in this drama is extremely beautiful. especially joo won's house, the house which was built brick by brick by a designer from new york....haha
oh, and the garden, so prettyyyy~~ how i wish i could stay in a place like tis~

this weekend, will be the last 2 episodes of secret garden. the 19th episode had been showed in korea, by tomorrow morning i shall be able to watch it with sub, can't wait for it!!!

p/s : to listen to baek ji young's that woman, you're welcome to play it @ my mp3 section ^^


  1. hahaha!! min..tats exactly why i am attracted with this drama as well..i also love the ost very very much...i actually downloaded them..loves that man sung by hyun bin..ahhh my prince charming =D and also that woman...omg..even the song...sang by oska very very nice!!!!

    p/s : joo won's house is my dream house!!!wheee!

  2. exactly!!! too bad that he is going to join military service soon~ >.<

  3. aih aih..i heard alif said tat...... itu marine military...ah....lagi handsome :P