Saturday, June 5, 2010

my new camera

ehem ehem...did you see a camera?
yes!!! it is my new camera~~ NIKON COOLPIX S3000
thanks to my beloved daddy for sponsored 80% of it ~ whee~~

since next semester is going to be my last semester in utp~
it's good to have a camera wiv me so that i can take as many photos as i can during my last semester wiv my beloved utp frens and also for al my outings here in kb ^^

there are still a lot of functions of this camera that I need to explore~
it has 16 scene mode selectors and one thing i really like about this camera is that it has the smile timer and blink proof function.

Smile timer allows decisive moment to be caught when a person smiles and blink proof functions will shoot two pictures and automatically saves the one which the person's eyes remain open.
I learn in a hard way that the blink proof function is very important to me as i suffer a lot when one of the photos i took in bali, my eyes remained closed!!!!!

the scenery was so beautiful but my eyes ruined the photo!!!! huhuu

so far...i have been using this camera to shoot photos for my kl trip a few days ago~~
going to post them in my next post~

that's all for now~


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